Your Detox Coaching Video and Step by Step Detox Webinar

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Why Kids Make You Fat …and How To Get Your Body Back
Here’s your Detox Coaching Video and Step by Step Detox Webinar:

Video #1Detox Coaching Video


It’s time to Lose your Bloat and give your body an oil change! This video explains why you need to detox and how by following these 3 simple steps – Cut, Clean, Flush, you’ll drop all of your bloat and prepare your body to become a fat burning machine.

Video #2Detox Step by Step Webinar


Audio/Podcast Version

This video walks you step by step through your Detox phase providing visuals and examples of your Cut, Clean and Flush step, as well as cutting edge strategies to master your Detox phase and set your body up to win as you enter your Ignite Phase.

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