You don’t need a Flat Stomach to be Healthy!


The goal of getting healthy is truly unlike any other goal setting I’ve ever seen.

Normal goal setting is all about vision, patience and hard work. Think about work goals, school goals, marriage goals, athletic goals, etc.…, none of those goals are set with a feeling of instant gratification.

We’ve all heard the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, but for some reason when it comes to getting healthy all common sense and realistic time frames get thrown out the window.

Well not this year! My goal with this email is simple:

First, I want you to know you don’t need a Flat Stomach to be healthy!

This is a huge mistake people make as they set their health goals. We get sucked into the media hype and the magazine covers and think “healthy “means a fit and trim body.

That’s never the case.

Healthy is different for every person and is determined by the activities and goals you want to achieve.

Of course if your goal is to be a swim suit model then one of your goals may be a flat stomach, but if your goal (like most of us) is to have more energy, less stress, feel leaner, and stay active to be the dad/mom you want to be, then you don’t need a flat stomach!

You just need to start making your nutrition and fitness a priority and chip away 1% at a time. Letting go of high pressure and possibly unrealistic external goals, opens up the space for you to start really diving into your health for the right reasons.

To help you make this mindset shift, I suggest watching the Facebook Live I did this week, it will set you up to win in 2017 with your goal setting:

You Dont Need a Flat Stomach to Be Healthy

Second, once you gain greater clarity of your health goals, it’s super important to find out your starting point.

Knowing your starting point creates the initial foundation you need to progress and build from.

This is why we created a 100% free online health assessment.

This 12 question assessment takes into account your sleep, stress, food, fitness, supplements and water and based on your answers provides you with an immediate Health Score and most importantly gives instant feedback and adjustments you can make.

This assessment was created by myself and our medical team, it’s based on the data of over a million Venice Nutrition clients.

Simply click here to find out your health score and starting point:

Winning with your health in 2017 is all about creating the right environment for you to win.

Setting realistic goals and knowing your starting point are the two most important beginning steps as you start your 2017 health journey, so dive in and get rocking!

Always remember the Transformation starts with you!

Make 2017 your year!

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