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It’s no surprise that the reason most of us fall off plan is because of our lifestyle. Whether we’re scrambling in the morning to get our kids to school and ourselves to work on time, shuttling our kids around in the afternoon like a taxi service, or scratching our heads on what healthy and clean foods to eat on the go and order in restaurants, the reality is we all live in a daily Food Frenzy.

Frenzy is defined as a state or period of uncontrolled excitement or wild behavior and that seems to pretty much sum up a typical food day for most of us and our families. Our member community listed eating on the go as the #1 challenge to staying on plan. Here are 3 strategies that will immediately get you winning your food frenzy!

Strategy 1 – Eat PFC Every 3

Wherever you are, always remember the simple rule of eating PFC Every 3. This means eat every 3 hours with a balance of protein, fat & carbs. Here’s a great visual to help connect the concept into something you can actually see:


Strategy 2 – Order in 3’s

Now you take the concept of eating PFC Every 3 and apply it. For example here are two meals I had on the road. The twist on both these meals is my fat was intertwined with my protein and carbs, something that happens a lot when you eat out.

Meal 1 – The 7 egg whites are my protein, the 2 egg yolks are additional protein and fat (each yolk has about 4-5 grams of fat) and the fruit is my carb.

Meal 2 – I ordered this at the California Pizza kitchen, the chicken is my protein, the light oil used to cook the chicken and the balsamic vinaigrette I drizzled on my veggies is my fat and the fresh steamed veggies are my carb.

Mark's Meals

Strategy 3 – Always Have Your “MRFK” (mobile readiness food kit). The first step to being prepared is having the right tools and with the right tools it’s easy to eat your favorite clean and healthy foods on the go. Here’s a video that walks you step by step in creating a deluxe MRFK:

Win the food war with your “MRFK” (mobile readiness food kit)

Check out Mark’s advice for eating at restaurants:

Mark’s restaurant rules

Order’s up for the ’8 Week Challenge’

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