Why Your Health Matters


A few days ago I woke up early and watched baby Hope sleep so peacefully, imagining the incredible life she’s about to embark on. I then went into Hunter’s room and couldn’t believe how fast he’s growing up, while also knowing at 11 years old his life is truly just getting started.

Each day Abbi and I know how fortunate we’ve been in our life and never take it for granted. The importance of our health becomes crystal clear when looking at Hope and Hunter.

In the twenty plus years as a health professional I’ve seen many goals people have to get healthy, lose weight, burn fat, get beach ready, have more energy, etc… All are great goals, none are powerful reasons. Your reasons are the purpose behind why your health matters. They are the anchor(s) that keep you consistent, steady and on course to live your best health. Of course you’ll have tough days and fall off plan, we all fall off plan, your “why” is what gets you quickly back on plan.

The words I just shared with you, I wish I could have shared with my dad years ago. My dad was my best friend, best man at our wedding and my greatest mentor. He lived two lives, his first 46 years, when he was fit and healthy, and his last 25 years when he struggled with his health. My dad passed away last week and as I sat with him in the ICU, I thought what if I could have had this conversation with him 25 years ago. What if he had the knowledge to make different choices and take back control of his health. That conversation 25 years ago could have set a different course for him and given him the education and reasons to have experienced a different quality of health.

Unfortunately, the reality is, I can’t go back in time and have that conversation with him, so I lost the man who taught me how to be a dad.

As I fight back the tears, I wanted to share this message with you today for a few reasons. First to celebrate the life of one of the greatest hearts I’ve ever known, my dad. Second, to remind you of the critical importance of finding the reasons why your health matters and to hold on to them with everything. And, third, to have clarity on the difference between quantity and quality and focus on living the highest quality of life you can through your daily choices.

Thank you for all the love and support and being an incredible part of our community.

Below are 4 pics of my dad and the incredible legacy of 6 grandchildren he left behind…

Massive Hugs and Lots of Love,




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