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Learn More about Mark’s New BookWhy Kids Make You Fat …and How to Get Your Body Backthe Proven Weight Lost Program Designed for Busy Parents

I wanted to send a quick note wishing you a Happy New Year and also update you on the progress of our book, Why Kids Make You Fat and How To Get Your Body Back. I call it OUR book because we have walked this journey together as a community. For the past fifteen months my goal has been clear: to create something that could truly make a difference in this world and then with your help, share it with the world.

I’m tired of the hype of weight loss, I’m tired of the craziness of dieting and I’m tired of seeing passionate, amazing people feel like they are failing because their health is backsliding fast. I grew up watching my mom hate her body and feel like something was wrong with her because she struggled with managing her weight. My mom was willing to do the work and she had the discipline. She was simply led down the wrong path of appetite suppressants and calorie and carbohydrate restriction. We all know that path only leads to quick results, followed by rapid weight gain and total frustration.

Well, no more! For the past three weeks I have been immersed into book re-writes and I’m very excited to share that the manuscript is nearly ready for national release on April 28th. That’s just a little over three months away and I’ll be sharing it all with you each step of the way. So to kick off the next adventure we’ve embarked on together, here’s a pic of the manuscript hot off the press. Abbi, Hunter, Baby Hope (now 22 weeks in Abbis belly) and I did a fun happy dance, so as you see the picture feel free to break into your own happy dance. We have completed a massive step towards helping so many people own their health. Also, I’ll share the book cover soon, so get ready because the fun is just beginning!

Once again, thank you for being part of our powerful community. You have mine and Abbi’s forever appreciation.

Massive Hugs,

Mark, Abbi, Hunter, little baby Hope, and the entire Venice Nutrition Team


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