Why Diets Fail


A “diet itch” could be triggered by many things: clothes too tight, tired all the time, the number on the scale is too high, or you’re simply ready to live a healthier life.

Diets are life’s quick fixes. People use diets in their moments of frustration and desperation. Diets are the magic spell we’re told to believe in, hoping that it really will be that easy to solve our health problems.

We become so overcome by the pain of our current status that we will do practically anything to alleviate it, including believing in smoke and mirrors. Our sense of reason is at its lowest point, and we’ve become more vulnerable than ever before, so we reach for the magic potion.

We go on a calorie-and/or carbohydrate-restrictive diet, a liquid diet, a doctor-prescribed (medication) appetite-suppression diet, or even a lemon and honey diet….

We’ll do basically anything out there that’s designed to rapidly drop weight through deprivation, even if it lacks common sense, provides little structure, and is devoid of any history of long-term success.

A diet will accomplish the initial goal by temporarily yielding results and relieving some frustration. Unfortunately, once you begin eating normally again, the weight returns as fast as it was lost.

What in life can successfully be accomplished by reaching for a quick fix?

  • Can a business succeed without a plan?
  • Can a relationship succeed without continued communication?
  • Can you parent your children successfully without leading by example?

Your health is no different from any of these things. The fact is that anything we do that’s worth the effort takes a proper foundation, hard work, and commitment.

Your first step in taking your health to the next level is to let go of any attachments you might have to diets.

Your hormones, physiology, lifestyle, profession, and environment are all continually changing and evolving. Whatever may have worked for you in the past is exactly that—your past, and it’s time to find a better way.

Let’s get into the actual physiological reasons why diets will always fail you…

There are two main philosophies in nutrition:

Dieting is a catalyst that leads to what’s called the Yo-Yo Dieting Syndrome (weight loss followed by weight gain in repetitive cycles), while Blood Sugar Balance (PFC every 3) creates an internal hormonal balance within your body that ignites your metabolism to optimally burn body fat.

The dieting philosophy is centered on caloric and/or carbohydrate restriction and deprivation. It is a philosophy that leads you to create deficits in your nutrition and use restrictions to lose weight.

This is the most common nutrition philosophy, most clearly explained by the phrase “calories in versus calories out.”

The thought process is this: if you are burning two thousand calories per day and you eat fifteen hundred calories a day, you are creating a daily five-hundred-calorie deficit. This deficit will initially assist in weight loss….

Unfortunately, because dieting is based on deprivation, your body will always hit an immovable and impenetrable plateau (known as your body’s internal set point). This calorie deprivation will cause your body to burn fat.

However, it will also cause your body to burn muscle. Losing muscle negatively affects the speed of your metabolism, because muscle is the primary place where body fat is burned (less muscle equals less fat burning), and muscle increases the rate at which your body burns calories.

Typically, after you reduce your initial weight and/or reach a plateau on a diet, you’ll begin eating the same way you did before you started, only now your body has lost some of its muscle, resulting in a slower metabolism.

Eventually all the weight you lost is regained, but it contains more body fat. This illustration provides a fantastic visual of the yo-yo syndrome:

Why Diets Fail

Think about it: eventually every deficit must somehow be paid back.

By dieting, you are training your metabolism to slow down, not speed up. The truth is that dieting is based on incorrect physiology.

Anything that causes you to burn muscle is working against you, not for you. Millions of people have gotten caught up in dieting. It’s taught everywhere—at the doctor’s, on TV, in magazines, in books, on infomercials, and even at universities.

The reality is that dieting is outdated information, and is a billion-dollar industry designed specifically to keep you coming back.

Now, the excitement of dieting is that it typically yields fast, temporary results (until you’ve done enough damage to your metabolism) and that it seems so simple: just eat less.

The challenge is that dieting will yield only one outcome: long-term failure.

If your goal is to make progress with your health and unlock your body’s full potential, it’s time to learn a better way.

Blood Sugar Balance (PFC Every 3)

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