What Health Chapter are You Living In?


Hello Health Champion!

As you take on the week I wanted to share a quick reminder with you, something I was reminded of last week while working with a client…

Your health evolves as your life and goals evolve.

There are chapters with your health and it’s important to close a chapter when it’s time and evolve your food and fitness to your new chapter.

I’ve had many chapters with my health, a few being:

  • As an athlete training 5 hours a day and eating whatever I wanted
  • As a former athlete no longer doing endless hours of cardio and struggling with food – I still can’t believe I was 250 pounds in my “big boy” days, I look like a massive beast next to Abbi! :’D
  • As a fitness model living at 4-5% body fat
  • Now as a dad, husband, entrepreneur, health expert and hugger 😀 – loving my food, my fitness, my body and feeling the best in my life

And here a some pics of each chapter…

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