Webber family loses 245 lbs & Breaks the dieting cycle


Today I’m sharing the powerful transformation of an amazing family featured in our upcoming book, Why Kids Make You Fat & How to Get Your Body Back. The Webber family started their “8 Week Run” as one powerful unit, a family of seven, Shannon and Scott and their five kids.

Shannon grew up a chronic dieter, struggling to manage her weight and being raised by her grandparents with food as comfort and a reward. She then passed on that philosophy to her children, it’s all she knew. When her children started having weight issues, she knew it was time to make a stand for herself and for them.

Half way through their “8 Week Run” Shannon came down with strep throat, but nothing was stopping her this time, she pushed through it, gave everything, led by example and continued to drive, inspire and motivate her family on their “8 Week Run” and beyond. 10 months from the day Shannon said enough was enough, the Webber family has become an inspiration to us all. Shannon is 62 lbs lighter and 46 inches leaner. And the entire Webber family has lost a whopping 245 lbs and 182 inches! Their success is living proof that all families can rock their health together, you simply need to start with one step forward, like Shannon did.

Watch Shannon and Scott share their touching story, and make sure to have tissue close by, the emotions run high…


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