The Secret To Permanent Weight Loss

We all want it: that moment when we actually look and feel our very best.

We think our genetics or lifestyle are standing in our way, but the reality is you can control how you choose to take care of yourself.

This is your moment to make yourself a priority and learn that whatever your health goals may be, with the right tools, the tools I am about to give you, ANYTHING is attainable.

The secret to simple and sustainable weight-loss is actually quite simple. You can read all about this weight loss secret in my New York Times Bestselling Book, Body Confidence…

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Or you can just scroll down this page.

Because I’m going to tell you the secret, right here, right now, absolutely FREE.

Of course, my book has many more details that I can’t fit into this page, along with meal plans, recipes, and much, much more…

BUT right now I want to give you the most important nutritional secret that I have ever discovered free of charge so you can start living and feeling healthier TODAY.


This is the nutritional strategy that took me years to research, test, and create along with a team of respected doctors and healthcare professionals.

This is the missing piece that finally makes sense of all diets, fitness plans, and weight loss issues.

This is the strategy that celebrities like Chelsea Lately use to look their best in professional photoshoots.

It’s a strategy so powerful that it now has its own National Certification program for Nutritionists.

And I don’t want you to have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to learn about it.


I used to charge my clients over $799 for this information, and the results they have achieved are worth their (LOST) weight in gold.

I want to give everyone the knowledge they need to start living a healthier lifestyle.

And I want to do it FREE.



It is my mission to end the spread of obesity and diabetes in our country.

And because I care about you.

It sounds funny, but I do. I really love to help other people.

That’s why I got into this business. I love seeing people like Shana (you’ll meet her soon) transform their lives.

That is why I get up every morning. Because I know what I’m doing makes a difference in people’s lives: in their health, their energy, their enjoyment of life, and their enjoyment of their time with family and friends.

I know because it made that difference in my life, and I have seen it happen in thousands of others.


This isn’t a diet.

Once you learn to eat this way, you will never need to eat the old way again. You can eat a lot of your old favorite foods, but you’ll eat them in a way that satisfies your body and doesn’t trigger your fat storing hormones.

You’ll automatically start burning fat, decreasing your blood sugar, gaining more energy, and feeling like the real YOU again.

Sounds too good to be true, but the results don’t lie.


What kind of results have people had with the Venice Nutrition system?



I met Mark Macdonald three weeks before my twenty-seventh birthday, and he changed my life forever. I was sick of starving myself and never losing any weight, and not exactly open to the idea of cutting alcohol out of my life.

After spending an hour with Mark, I realized how little I knew about food, and how many bad habits had been formed from my childhood in New Jersey. I was basically starving my body and weighing myself three to four times a day. When Mark explained to me how important it was to feed your body every three to four hours, I was elated. When he told me I had to cut back on alcohol, but not eliminate it completely, I was furious.

In the first week, I lost 2 percent body fat. It was only one more week before I lost another 2 percent body fat and my body started to drop weight due to my muscle/fat ratio. My clothes all fit better than before, and my muffin top started to dissipate.

I watched my body lean out everywhere: my arms, stomach, and face. It was the first time anyone in my family could claim to have a set of abs. I was euphoric and so relieved to know that my body wasn’t that different from everyone else’s and that there was an actual program that would work for me!

– Chelsea Handler


Shana Nozick - After
Shana Nozick - Before

“After years of yo-yo dieting, I finally found the answer!”

I have been a yo-yo dieter since I was a pre-teen. I did everything from nutri-system to weight watchers to the cabbage soup diet, which was the last one I did about ten years ago. I actually lost eight pounds the first week I did that one. Of course, I was vomiting by day five, but that was all a part of it, I supposed. After all, I did lose ten lbs in one week! After each diet, I always proceeded to gain back what I lost… with a little extra insurance weight.

The big issue, excuse the pun, was that my gains were getting greater and greater each time. I would lose 10 and gain 20, lose 20 and gain 30, lose 50 and gain 75. This was definitely getting out of control, and it was definitely unhealthy. I was on a bad track…

By the summer of 2006, I ballooned up to my heaviest weight, 228 lbs. Several months later, I was lucky enough to connect with the CEO of Venice Nutrition, Mark Macdonald.

Mark helped immensely in “educating” me on the Venice program.

I actually saw myself slowly learning the educational side of the nutrition program and learning how my body works. In the end, I have gone from 228 to 145 lbs. I am truly in awe of the fact I have lost 83 lbs… and I am oh, so proud of myself!!

– Shana Nozick


Why Dieting Fails…

Blood Sugar Stabilization vs. Calorie and Carbohydrate Restriction

While restricting calories (calories in vs. calories out) or carbohydrates will initially cause weight loss, both methods will always lead to an immovable plateau once your body reaches its set point (the weight your body wants to weigh and where it gets stuck).

Even worse, calorie or carbohydrate restriction causes low blood sugar and leads to:

  • low energy
  • extreme cravings
  • loss of lean muscle which slows down metabolism


Once you re-introduce the calories and carbohydrates you restricted (you can’t starve forever!), you regain the weight plus extra body fat due to the loss of lean muscle mass and a slower metabolism. This makes it even more challenging to lose weight the next time around and leads to the yo-yo syndrome (weight loss followed by weight gain), which inevitably slows your metabolism even more.

The amazing secret: EATING LESS FOOD DOESN’T MAKE YOU BURN FAT!!! It actually forces your body to STORE MORE FAT!

Eric Standridge - After
Eric Standridge - Before

“My Days of Dieting are over! My new life has begun!”

All my life I have been over weight. Finally I reached about 230 lbs when I was 18 years old, and that’s when I started to go on diets.

I would go on a diet and lose about 15 to 20 pounds and then would plateau. After hitting that plateau I would give up and every time I would gain more weight back. It gradually went up each time more and more until I eventually reached 297 lbs and that really hit me hard. Later that week I went to the County Fair and soon discovered that I could not fit into any of the rides. The guy told me that I could try sucking in my stomach and he would jump on top and push it down.

It really hit me that week that I could not let myself get over 300 and I promised myself I would not. The next month I saw a family friend, Bonnie Kieffer, and she looked amazing! Bonnie was telling me all about the program she was on, Venice Nutrition, and she kept saying it was more of a lifestyle change and not a diet. It was a real inspiration to see her make such a transformation for herself; she had lost 48 lbs and put on 6 lbs of muscle mass.

2 months later, after another bout of yo-yo dieting, I finally decided to meet with Mark Macdonald (he was Bonne’s coach) and I began the Venice Nutrition program. My new life had begun. I worked really hard to ‘dial in on my nutrition’. I also soon found my new passion: running! I decided to enter into a 5k which I thought was crazy at the time.

When I started Venice Nutrition I could not run around the track even one time. I continued training and finished my first 10k, The US 10k Classic, in 1 hour 17 minutes. It was amazing to know that I ran in one of the hardest 10k races and I have the t-shirt to prove it!!

Today I’ve lost 99 pounds of FAT!!! I have been on an incredible journey. I have done things I never thought were possible. Now I see infinite possibilities for my future.

– Eric Standridge


Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

Do you want to lose weight, burn fat, build lean muscle, boost your metabolism and increase your energy?

Do you want to fuel your workouts and look and feel your best without dieting or restriction?

The answer is simple: stabilize your blood sugar and you WILL achieve your goals.  It’s your body’s secret key to burning fat, building muscle, and creating endless energy!

By stabilizing your blood sugar levels (glucose in your blood) with the right food combinations, you create balance (homeostasis) which allows your body to release stored body fat, toxins and excess sodium, while protecting lean muscle mass and igniting your metabolism.

Here’s how it works:

Whenever you over-eat or indulge in a carbohydrate-heavy meal, your blood sugar spikes (above 120 mg/dl) and the hormones released tell your body to STORE FAT. Just the opposite happens when you skip a meal, eliminate carbohydrates or calories your body needs or work out on an empty stomach. Blood sugar drops too low (below 80 mg/dl) and your body is forced to burn lean muscle mass for fuel in place of body fat, thus slowing your metabolism.

You are burning MUSCLE when you starve yourself, not FAT! Stabilizing your blood sugar is the key to mastering your fat burning hormonal triggers.

Blood Sugar Chart

To Stabilize your blood sugar you need to keep your levels between 80 and 120 mg/dl throughout the day. This will naturally help you to:

  • burn body fat
  • protect and increase lean muscle mass
  • eliminate sugar (carbohydrate) cravings
  • boost your energy
  • break through stubborn plateaus
  • achieve permanent results


Jim Gottschalk - After
Jim Gottschalk - Before

“As a Type 2 Diabetic, Venice Taught me how to Stabilize my Blood Sugar.”

Imagine this, I rip off the calendar page to reveal 2007 and realize I will be turning 60 in September. I’m going to quit smoking.

I finally quit smoking January 23, 2008. I weigh 220 lbs and not in the best shape. My annual physical is scheduled for Feb. 15, 2008 and guess what… I am diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

My doctor writes me a prescription for Metformin, a popular medication for recently diagnosed diabetics. My A1c number ( a 3 month moving average of my blood sugar expressed as a percent) was a whopping 9.4%!! No problem, I can handle this…

I am going to continue to work my butt off at the health club. Right?

Wrong… I realized this is bigger than me and I need help. I inquired about Venice Nutrition and Mark helped we with a plan of diet, exercise and what have turned out to be truly inspirational meetings to help me reach my goals and stay focused. This has been a life changing journey and a special friendship for me working with Mark.

My official numbers at that time were:

  • Weight: 212 lbs
  • Body fat: 25%
  • Blood Sugar at 9.4%

After 6 weeks of working out with a plan, meeting with Mark regularly and sticking with a well designed diet, my A1c number dropped to 6.3%! Now, nearly two years later, 1/15/10 this is how things are looking:

  • Weight: 189 lbs
  • Body fat: 12%
  • Blood Sugar is under control 6.3%

It’s not the destination but the joy of the journey, so I don’t want to get there too soon – I’m having too much fun!!

– Jim Gottschalk

Secret # 3

The Solution is Blood Sugar Stabilization

When blood sugar is stable, you continually release stored body fat (each lb. of stored fat has approx. 3,500 calories), which is then burned up primarily within your muscle tissue during exercise and daily activity.

stable blood sugar diagram

Muscle Fact: Each pound of muscle stores 3500 calories.

Fat Fact: Fat is burned primarily in muscle, so More Muscle = Faster Metabolism!

Stable blood sugar also creates an anabolic environment (a positive growth state) that optimizes cell reproduction, energy levels, focus, sleep and stress management and allows you to build lean muscle mass to increase your metabolism.

That means EVERYTHING in your body works better when your blood sugar is stable. The fact is, we all want to be happy and look and feel our best without restriction.  I promise you, if you choose to make your health a priority, the juice will be worth the squeeze!


After having two kids I was an overweight mom with no energy left and no where else to turn. Then I found Mark Macdonald and Venice Nutrition. Mark’s lessons taught me what I’d always been missing about nutrition and showed me how to finally eat so I would always have energy, always feel satisfied, and always be burning fat!

My Results:

One word: incredible! I lost 80 pounds!!!

Then I did something I thought I’d never do – I became a competitive athlete after having 2 children!

I loved my new body and life so much that I couldn’t help but share it with others. I quit my corporate job and became a Venice Nutrition Certified Consultant, and I started teaching other people the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle and making money doing it!

Now I own my own successful gym, MultiSport Fitness & Nutrition in Mt. Bethel, Pennsylvania, and I am a Wellness Coach for Fortune 500 executives. Words can’t describe how much I love and appreciate my new body, new life, and new career! My life will never be the same, and that is a very good thing.

Thank you Venice Nutrition!

– Jennifer Fleischer


The Process – The Power of 3’s!

Ready to balance your blood sugar and BOOST your metabolism?

Here’s how you do it:

1. Eat every 3 hours!
2. Divide your plate in 3’s: eat protein, fat, and carbs in every meal!
3. Drink 3 Liters of Water per day!

Watch Mark explain the rule of 3’s on Dr. Oz!

Now you know the 3 secrets to FAST & PERMANENT weight loss.

What are you going to do with it?

My hope is that you will use this nutritional knowledge to improve your life and the lives of everyone around you. You WILL be amazed at what you can accomplish in life with this simple change. You WILL conquer your eating habits. You WILL look and feel better than ever!

Want to learn even more?

Are you a DO-IT-YOURSELFer?  Buy Body Confidence at any major retailer:


Or Join The Venice Nutrition ONLINE Program

Want to join thousands of others living the plan? – Join our 8 Week Run Transformation and Facebook Group to share your stories and inspiration with others!

Need daily motivation and step by step coaching? – Find a certified Health Coach like Jennifer in a city near you on the Venice Nutrition website!

Want to help others transform their body’s and lives? – Become a Certified Venice Nutritionist and Make Money Changing Lives!

Or you can just start using this information and start looking and feeling better now! And please, like anything helpful (and FREE) in life, pass it on to your friends and family, especially those who need it most.

Help me in my mission to end obesity and diabetes in our generation!

–Mark Macdonald, CEO and Founder of Venice Nutrition

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