The reason I wrote my new book Why Kids Make You Fat


As we’re fast approaching the release of our next book Why Kids Make You Fat …and How To Get Your Body Back, The Proven Weight Loss Program Designed for Busy Parents, I wanted to share with you why I wrote this book and what it’s truly about.

Together we have started something very special and have inspired thousands to take action with their health. And the truth is, we’re just getting warmed up! Get ready because over the next 12 months we’re taking the message and momentum to the next level. Next week, I’ll be sharing all of the cutting edge information giveaways available to you over the next couple months as part of the book pre-order campaign. Starting April 28th (the national and international release of the book), we’ll be embarking on a 10 month media and speaking tour throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Once and for all it’s time we end the Dieting Madness and show the world how to make your health realistically happen in a simple, cool and fun way.

Here’s the video, book cover and webpage – all found on Please watch the video and share this page with your friends and family. Together we are changing the world!


Learn More About Why Kids Make You Fat >


Abbi and I, as well as the entire Venice Nutrition Team want to personally thank you for being part of this community and leading by example with your actions. You have our appreciation forever.


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