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Last week a friend of mine asked about the importance of rocking your health with a friend, family member or spouse. They wanted to know if it truly made that much of a difference. They were asking because they’re busy and and sometimes it seemed easier to just charge ahead alone. I shared with them, as tempting as that may be, the reality is by having a partner in crime with your food and fitness you’ll get 3 times faster results that will stick longer and evolve into a way of like.


We all have tough days, we all fall off plan and we all need a cheerleader. I know this first hand and live it everyday with my wife Abbi. We support one another and inspire each other to be our best. We live this message of “the Power of 2” and it’s also the how our dear friends Frank and Tamra Webb each dropped over 40 pounds and 20 inches.

Frank and Tamra are incredible examples that regardless of your how busy schedule, with the right support system and plan you can take your body to the next level. Check out their inspiring transformations and hear how they achieved their goals by living 3 simple strategies.

As you make your health happen, make sure to take this message to heart and find a partner in crime. Simply connect with someone who has similar goals to you and is ready for action. And if you’re game for even more support here are three additional places to plug in:

  1. Join the Venice Nutrition Support Community.
  2. See other inspiring transformations just like you
  3. Work with a Certified Venice Nutrition Coach

Always remember the transformation starts with you!

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