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I often think back to when I was 10 years old, seeing my mom crying at the kitchen counter because she once again gained back all of her weight from dieting. My mom was willing to do the work, she was just being taught broken concepts to starve herself, take appetite suppressants and restrict her carbs, all concepts we know are destined to fail. That memory inspired me to make a difference and to find a better way and provide hope for people with their body and weight so they wouldn’t have to live in torment like my mom did.

In 1999 we launched Venice Nutrition and humbly we’ve been able to help millions of people get their body back. But even with helping improve all those lives, I still knew I needed to do more for the chronic dieter like my mom. This led me to create the 8 Week Run, a complete plug and play 8 Week plan centered on eating in 3’s (a balance of protein, carbs and fat in each meal, eating every 3 hours), and designed for busy people. It was the plan my mom always needed and the plan I promised I would one day create for everyone who fought her struggles. It is also the plan featured in my new book, Why Kids Make You Fat and How to Get Your Body Back.

One year ago we launched the 8 Week plan with a few thousand people, I call them the Original 8 Week Runners. To honor them we are starting a new weekly blog series, called “A letter to myself”. The theme is simple, each Original 8 Week Runner wrote a letter to themselves chronicling the journey and transformation they have walked this past year. These letters touch my heart more than words can ever express and prove that no matter where you currently sit with your health you can break through and become the person you are destined to be.

The first story of the series is the heart of our community, my dear friend and incredible lady, Jody Stevens, who has inspired us all with her sheer strength and will to lose 108 lbs and 72 inches over this past year. Her before and after pictures and especially her smile say it all…

Jody Stevens Transformation

Here’s Jody’s letter to herself:

March 23, 2015

Dear Jody,

Silent tears fill my soul looking at the image of my former 296 lbs. obese woman. I did not take care of my body, mind and soul feeding my emotions with food. (Epitome of an emotional eater)This created a depressed woman with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre-diabetic. Sitting on the couch, immobile and not even able to tie my shoe or bend down was the last straw. March 23, 2014 was a life changer thanks to Renita Brennan who talked me into posting my picture on the 8 week run Facebook page. I was feeling defeated and she told me it would be my breakthrough.

ONE YEAR LATER… Thank you for taking charge and changing my mindset 1% at a time. You have turned wounds into wisdom. Losing 108 pound’s, over 72 inches is allowing me to wake up each day with mobility, renewed energy and a zest for life!

Huge hug goes out to my #VN Coach for 16 weeks- Jennifer Long! Her voice and Nutrition background helped me be positive, persistence and determined to find my breakthrough. I now have confidence to look in the mirror and smile. My upbeat personality has transformed my ability to spread my wings and soar to success!

Planning, prepping, the Core products and Eating in 3’s , all gave me the power to change and make SMART choices. When I am triggered at work or home by stress, I channel my energy with exercise. Hearing my doctors and Chiropractor’s office hugging me and excited for my new bloodwork is a joyous sound. I am healing internally with normal blood pressure, cholesterol and BMI is close to average range.

You chose to be unstoppable! Such a feat to see you shrinking in size but leaner is life changing! You focused on goals and trusted your intuition being courageous and overcoming obstacles has helped reveal your best self! You inspired people to get off the couch and try!

So proud of you for your BREAKTHROUGH! The connection to the 8 week run family is the puzzle piece missing to vent, share tips, peaks and valleys! THANK YOU to Mark Macdonald, Abbi Macdonald, #VN coaches, Paula Lippert, Valerie Cogwell, the Core Community and HLN16!




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Plus if you have a friend that’s ready to permanently lose weight and reprogram their metabolism, please share this blog post with them.

Always remember, the transformation starts with you!

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