The 5 Most Important Things I’ve Learned


Happy Thursday!

Yesterday as I was working out at the Black Sea in Sochi, Russia, I started thinking about the 5 most important things I have learned in my 45 years of life. Check out this picture, the Black Sea is SO cool!


This year has been mind-blowing with travel! I’ve been to over 25 countries and 5 continents. As amazing and life changing as it has been, it has also been hard being away from Abbi, Hope and Hunter so much. Hunter was able to rock my Australian and Chile tour this summer, but Hope is still a little too young for international speaking tours. In the past we used to always travel together, but as life evolves, and Hunter is living his passion with soccer and Hope is a WILD 2-year-old, traveling together isn’t as easy.

We all live busy lives, whether it’s because of travel, working long hours, shuttling kids around, or countless other reasons, we are all busy! A question I get asked many times is how do we keep everything in balance as a family, and my answer is, it’s not easy! So I thought I would send you a note today sharing the 5 things that I’ve learned that has helped me do my best as a Husband, Father, Health Expert and Entrepreneur. Hopefully it will help. Let’s dive in:

First – Find Your Balance

I’ve always had a hard time with this. I am really good at locking in on something and blocking out everything else. The problem is that can create massive moments of imbalance. Abbi has truly been my savior for balance. She can seamlessly flow through projects, live in the moment and then move on to the next. I’ve learned that with a little practice and a few daily strategies, I can use my laser focus as a strength, and still find balance. Here are the 3 things I do, maybe they will help you too:

  • Set hours to work and be creative in my office without distraction, so I can lock in and do what I need to do
  • When I’m with Abbi and the kids I keep my phone on silent. My phone is a distraction from the moment, and there is nothing more important on my phone than the moments with my family.
  • Ask Abbi her opinion before I commit to things. Many of you know I LOVE helping people, but that can also lead to me overcommitting and putting unnecessary pressure on myself and falling out of balance

Second – Change Your Relationship with Food

I used to look at food in terms of only rewards and fun. Now, your food should still be fun, but food is fuel for your body. Words can’t express how more productive, happy and healthy you’ll be if you simply shift how you look at food and its purpose. The greatest thing Abbi and I have ever done in this world is ensure that Hunter and Hope understand food, it’s purpose, and how to utilize it to feel, look and be their best. We helped them remove the emotional relationship with food that so many people have.

Here’s a video sharing the cool different nutrition programs we offer to help you master your food

Third – Have Fun With Your Workouts

I vividly remember the never ending minutes I used to spend walking on a treadmill while getting ready for a photo shoot, having to cover the clock with a towel to help time go faster, and thinking of every possible distraction to avoid my insane boredom. Seriously who wants to work out like that?!

I shared the picture above of my workout at the Black Sea yesterday morning. It was an awesome 60 minute adventure where I sprinted, did some strength/core training, and some power walking. I loved every minute of it! Whatever your goal is, make sure you love your workouts. Maybe you play a sport, go hiking or have a long bike ride, whatever you do for exercise, just love it! And if you can, make it a family affair!

Fourth – Remember Nothing is Really That Important

This is another amazing Abbi lesson. I used to worry and stress so much in my twenties. I wanted everything to be perfect. What I learned through experience is nothing is really that important. Now of course, there are times when certain things are very important, but if you look back at all the things you have stressed about, I guarantee 99% of them just didn’t matter.

So instead of stressing, I focus on a 3-Step plan on every important item I need to do or challenge thrown my way, here it is:

  • Step 1 – I Immediately ask myself what’s the worst case scenario – most of the time the worst case is so minor, all stress is immediately gone and I address the challenge at a normal pace – This will apply to at least 95% of your stress – this simple step changed my life…
  • Step 2 – if the worst case is uncomfortable, I immediately look at what can I do to solve the challenge by being proactive, not freezing in the moment
  • Step 3 – I accept the outcome, positive or negative, and learn from it, I don’t dwell on it…

Fifth – Stay Unattached to the Outcome

My favorite book and movie in the world is “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, written by Dan Millman. It’s an incredible read and message; Hunter just watched the movie version for the first time.

This book taught me the clarity of “Cherishing the Journey” as opposed to “Living for the Destination”.

I used to primarily live for the destination, and pay little attention to the amazing journey in getting there. Whether it’s your health, your business, your marriage, or simply life, focus on every little thing that makes the day and each moment special.

Abbi and I have massive goals, we want to change how the world looks at food forever and empower everyone to truly live their best health. But we don’t let those goals define us or prevent us from living each day and each moment to the best we can.

Ok, those are my 5 lessons that I’ve learned. Feel free to go to our Venice Nutrition Community Page and share your lessons.

Each week I’m committed to sending you winning food and fitness strategies so you can live your best health, and once a month I might drop some more emails and blogs like this one.

Thank you for being part of our community!

Tons of Love and Massive Hugs,



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