Thank You and Massive Hugs



A couple days ago I was looking at baby Hope and was taken over by emotion. Her effortless smile brought back all the incredible memories from the past year.

As each memory of 2015 flashed before my eyes, the word that kept racing through my mind was community.

To me, a community is created and fueled by friendship, family and love. Community means lifelong friendships formed to support each other, a family feeling that unifies us through the good and challenging moments, and the love that keeps everyone connected, to inspire each other’s success.

Sixteen years ago, Abbi and I started a quest to educate the world about eating in 3s and empowering people to stop the dieting madness and start living their best health.

Through these 16 years there have been many special moments, but the the greatest moment for us is our community. Together we cheer each other on, pick up one another when we fall down and motivate each other to become our best.

So for this Holiday season, Thank You for leading by example with your health. Thank You for being a friend as well as part of our family. Most important, Thank You for being an amazing part of this incredible community that belongs to all of us.

This quote from Ryunosuke Satoro sums it all up:

“Individually we are one drop, Together we are an ocean.”

Happy Holidays from us to you!




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