So Sweet It’s Scary! Fight Back With This Invisible Sugar Shield


Halloween is fast approaching and with it comes a whole new level of food cravings. Candy, cakes, pies and fresh baked breads are everywhere we turn! Every store is filled with sugary goodies, the aroma of hauntingly delicious treats, and nostalgic memories of childhood candy binges. Well, it’s time to activate your invisible sugar shield and once and for all Crush Your Cravings!

Watch Mike and Mark share how you can prevent the intense cravings from creeping in this season. Learn the difference between physical and emotional cravings and how to beat them, plus some healthy options that provide a “sweet carb fix” without all the extra calories and fat. And most important you’ll learn how you can “cheat” to crush your cravings with a weekly “off plan” meal! It’s true, you can have your cake and eat it too. You just need to know the tricks to make it happen!


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