Simple Strategies to Shed Baby Weight


Over the weekend my wife Abbi was sharing with me how hard it was for her to lose the baby weight after Hunter was born. It’s a pressing topic for her since she’s now 17 weeks pregnant with our soon to be little baby girl, named Hope.

Abbi shared how this time around she knows exactly how to safely and effectively drop her baby pounds, while still breast feeding and how she was inspired by Michelle Totten’s story. Michelle lost 28 lbs and 23 inches in 8 weeks after she had her baby and has lost another 10 lbs since!

As a man, I can only watch with awe and admiration of all the physiological changes an expectant mom experiences. Then once the baby is born an entirely new onslaught of joys and challenges arise. Obviously it’s an incredible journey and with a few realistic strategies, all moms can avoid holding onto the unwanted baby pounds that seem to never go away.

Watch Michelle share the 3 strategies she implemented to permanently keep the baby weight off. These are the same strategies I’ve taught thousands of moms throughout the years and Abbi will be implementing these strategies as well!

1) Remember you’re still a priority – Kids are time suckers and it’s easy to forget about you and your needs. It’s important to keep making time for your food and exercise.

2) Healthier body = more energy – Fatigue is a natural part of the parenting job description. The cool thing is the healthier you are, the better your body works and the more energy you’ll have.

3) Clean food & fun exercise increases quality of sleep and minimizes stress – Sleep charges your body’s battery, and less sleep increases cortisol levels (your body’s stress hormone). Increased cortisol makes your body hold and store fat. Healthy food like fruits, vegetables and lean meats are better digested. . Combine that with consistent activity and you’ll immediately start sleeping better, which will directly lower your cortisol and stress levels.

By simply starting with these strategies you’ll feel and see the progress, and each day your momentum will build. As your results come, your family will join in on the adventure and together you’ll all start a new health chapter and evolve it into a way of life.


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