Seize Your Moment


Wow it’s been a powerful and emotional week. 5 Days, 5 book events, 4 cities, 3 TV segments and 1000’s of lives changed.

2 years ago I had a moment, I knew I could do more and make a greater difference, which started my journey in writing this book and igniting a movement to end the dieting madness. My 22 year old friend Jacob had his moment a year ago igniting him to lose 100+ lbs and inspiring his mom to drop 100 + pounds as well.

Jacob holding Why Kids Make You Fat

My passionate friend Kathleen had her moment at the start of 2015, tired of dieting and ready to love her body again regardless of size or shape.

Kathleen holding Why Kids Make You Fat

Our book is much more than a book, it’s a solution, it’s a new beginning, it’s your moment. Always remember amazing greatness is in you, you just need to seize it!


The first step in seizing your moment is reading our new book, Why Kids Make You Fat and How to Get Your Body Back and experience the 9 chapters that will change your life.


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Always remember the transformation starts with you and together we’re ending the dieting madness.

Thank you for being an incredible part of our community.


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