Remember, You’re a Priority…


As a son, brother, husband and father, I’ve learned that Moms are the driving force of the family. When they feel good, everyone feels good and when they don’t feel good, the rest of the family doesn’t either. Moms are the glue that keep everything together and Kyra Shepherd is a shining example of this.

Kyra’s story is similar to many moms; life got busy, priorities shifted and her health took a back seat. Year after year, slowly and steadily, Kyra’s weight increased as her energy decreased. As her health regressed, it affected her mood and her family’s mood as well. Kyra’s tipping point hit after she had hip replacement surgery and gained 65 pounds. She was finally ready to take action. As Kyra flipped the switch, so did her family and her amazing transformation inspired everyone around her to start feeling their best too.

Watch the segment to see, hear and feel Kyra’s story and the amazing difference her actions have had on her life and her family’s lives. And most important see how Making Yourself a Priority and taking time for yourself is a GREAT thing and lets you be your best for everyone in your life.


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