Realistic Health Strategies for Busy Parents


The difficult reality we all must face as parents is there are only twenty-four hours in a day, and the systems and routines we had before becoming parents are never coming back. As parents we have a simple choice: continue attempting to squeeze parts of our pre-baby life in (at which most of us miserably fail at, I know Abbi and I did!), or create new systems and rhythms that allow us the time to continue being the parents we want to be while also creating quality time for each other and for our health.

This is exactly why I wrote my new book, Why Kids Make You Fat …and How To Get Your Body Back. It’s not a secret that most of us gain weight and get a bit more flabby as we get older, or that one of the biggest spikes in weight and flabbiness coincides with becoming a parent. This is where we choose to evolve our health and progress, or the regression rapidly begins.

It’s time we ignite the conversation and create real solutions for our health as parents. My new book provides a full plug & play nutrition and exercise plan; plus, strategies and solutions to help get your body back and make your plan a permanent part of your life. And as part of the build up for the book release I wanted to introduce a fun spirited info graphic series, illustrating simple solutions for the daily nutrition and exercise challenges we all face as parents.

Each week I’ll be sharing a new real world concept and here are two to get you started and please share with your friends and family to ignite the conversation…


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