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Hello Health Champion!

I’m loving the awesome feedback on our 4-Part Fueling as Champions series!

Please keep sharing your thoughts and ideas, it helps our entire Venice Nutrition team create cutting edge nutrition and fitness content designed for you.

As I shared in the first article of the series, we are all Athletes at heart so this series if for everyone and anyone who is active regardless of age or athleticism.

If you missed the first two articles of the series, you can check them out here:

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Now this third part comes at a perfect time.  Abbi, Hope and I are off to North Carolina this weekend to watch Hunter play a couple soccer matches.

Whether you’re playing back to back matches like Hunter or working out multiple days in a row, HOW you recover after each competition or workout determines how strong you are the next day.

So it’s time to optimize your POST-Exercise Fuel, let’s dive in….

Your PRE-Exercise Fuel ensures your body is ready to optimally perform at the start of the competition and the high-quality foods will maximize your glucose stores for energy.

Your IN-Exercise Fuel keeps your engine strong, concentration laser focused and performance powerful throughout your activity so you’re at your best when it matters most.

Your POST-Exercise Fuel is designed to fully replenish your body fuel and hydration stores.  The faster you can replenish your body the quicker you recover and are ready for the next match.

Now your post-exercise meal recommendations will be similar foods to your pre-exercise meal recommendations.

One important note is that depending on your intensity level, you may have an increased appetite for the rest of the day due to the amount of energy your body expended (this happens to me all the time after a long soccer match or basketball game!)

All you need to do is continue eating PFC Every 3 balanced meals when you’re hungry (even if it’s before 3 hours), as this will ensure optimal recovery.

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