No more “just in case”



We’ve all been there before. You lose the weight and you’re feeling good. Then all of a sudden the fat loss momentum begins to fade, life gets busier and the novelty of your food and exercise program wears off. Worst of all, that nagging voice warning you to be careful and not to backslide gets in your head.

This is the exact experience Gina Nassar lived over and over again.

Gina continuously lost 40 pounds only to see every pound of it come back with a vengeance the moment her diet was over. She was so accustomed to regaining the weight that she kept her “heavier clothes” as she called them on hand. But this time around Gina had a turning point and realized if she wanted to create permanent change she would need to change her actions. Gina chose to shift her mindset, get educated on food and how her body worked and and utilize her support community. These actions led Gina to lose 45 pounds and 34 inches. And the coolest part about it is Gina finally threw out all of her heavy clothes and left behind her “Just In Case” for good!

Gina Nassar - Before and After

Check out Gina’s segment on HLN’s Transformation Tuesdays’s to see her incredible results and hear her secret sauce for owning your health forever.

We’re all giving you a standing ovation Gina!


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