My Why, What’s Yours?


Yesterday, Abbi and I were driving to the hospital to get our 34 week ultrasound and see where Hope will be delivered (just 5 weeks away from Hope’s Birthday!) When we walked in the room, the emotions hit me hard. I realized after the years of pregnancy challenges, we’re actually almost there and my “why” for making my health a priority felt stronger than ever before.

You see it’s easy to set health goals. Goals come and go, but your “why” is the anchor that provides the purpose for achieving your goals and the strength to push through the mighty storms of life.

Your Why is Your Anchor

So as you take on this weekend, I invite you to ask yourself these three simple questions:

  1. What is my why?
  2. Is my why strong enough to survive the tough days?
  3. Does my why give true meaning to my goals?

Getting crystal clear on the answers to those three questions will provide you the necessary insight to owning your health and permanently achieving your goals.

And as you’re working on defining your why(s) here are mine –




abbi mark and Hunter - ultrasound

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