Meet Heather, Mom who lost 104 lbs & Beat Diabetes


I was at the soccer field this weekend and I overheard a mom sharing how she had 100 lbs to lose. She was discouraged, frustrated and felt her path to success was too large of a distance to actually being a reality.

I get it and I think many of us can relate to a moment with our health when we stopped seeing what was possible.

This is exactly why we have our weekly HLN NOW series “Transformation Tuesday’s”. Each Tuesday @ 12:40 pm EST we deliver a power punch of hope, motivation and inspiration.

Today, you’re meeting Heather. Two years ago Heather was in the exact space as the lady at the soccer field.

Heather had lost hope and to make matters worse, saw her scale at its highest number, 287 lbs. At that moment, she saw her mom struggling with Diabetes, knew her lack of energy was effecting her kids and simply wanted more from life. Heather made a choice that enough was enough it was time she took back control of her health. Over the next 2 years Heather began slowly, steadily and consistently chipping away and lost a whopping 104 lbs!

Through her journey, Heather learned that the 3 biggest game changers for making her Heath a way of life were:

1) Balancing her blood sugar by “Eating in 3’s”, basically eating every 3 hours with a balance of protein, fat and carbs. This ignited her body to burn fat and increase her metabolism.

2) Keeping it Clean- initially Heather dropped weight simply by cutting soda, alcohol and super process foods like chips. The leaner she became the cleaner she needed to eat. She began limiting breads, cheeses and pasta along with other refined protein, fat and carbs.

3) Make your Exercise an Adventure – “Eating in 3’s” released Heathers stored fat and her fun filled activity with her kids burned her fat up. She set her and her family up to win with exercise adventures, like hiking, sports and indoor trampoline parks, definitely no workout boredom In Heathers house!

Heather is living proof that you can always Get Your Body Back. Watch the segment to hear, see and feel her amazing transformation and be inspired to take your body and health to the next level!

Know anyone who has lost hope with their weight and body? If so, please share this video with them!


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