Meet Baby Hope!


As we left the hospital yesterday, drove home and walked into our house, Abbi and I had to take a moment and actually realize the one thing we tirelessly fought for over the past 5 years finally became a reality. It was surreal. So many of you have been part of this journey with us, through the heartache, pain and now joy. Abbi and I want to say Thank You for the endless support; words will never describe what it meant to us, your love gave us the strength to continue pushing forward.

So without further ado, meet Hope Hanna Macdonald, born May 8th, 6 lbs 14 oz and 20 inches long. She already has all of us wrapped around her finger!

Hope 1 20150513

Hope 2 20150513

Hope 3 20150513

Hope 4 20150513

And in the spirit of Hope’s birth I also wanted to share a quick story with you from the hospital to always remind you that age does not define you.

I was standing in the elevator covered with balloons Hunter bought for his new baby sister and we were joking how I will be 60 years old when Hope goes to prom. Then a kind spirited nurse, who over heard our conversation, leaned over and said “Age is just a number, your passion for life defines your real age”. It was such a refreshing moment and inspired me to share a quote with you today. Please pass it on to all your friends hung up on the number of years their alive, rather than the quality of years they live.

Age is Just a Number

Thank you again for everything you do and for being an incredible part of our community.


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