How to Eat in Restaurants and Stay on Plan


As each of us strive to live a healthier lifestyle and achieve our goals, one of the biggest challenges we consistently face is eating in restaurants.

Let’s face it, restaurants are in business to make food taste great, which means extra fat and carbs in every bite!

But when eating out, it’s important to know YOU ARE THE BOSS, remember you’re the one paying for the meal.

So to help you enjoy your meal and stay on plan, here’s a powerful video I shot with HLN and my buddy Mike Galanos.

Mike and I show you in real time, at a restaurant, exactly how to order from any menu using these 5 simple rules.

Watch the video here and start owning your restaurant experience!

And if you’re looking for other cool videos that help you:

  • Optimize Grocery Shopping
  • Create your MRFK (mobile readiness food kit)
  • Make Clean and Balanced Grab-n-Go Meals

Check out those videos, as well as other powerful strategies to help you win the daily Food Frenzy:

Grocery shopping on the ’8 Week Challenge’

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Here’s a cool video showing how I feed Hunter and the thousands of other top athletes I’ve coached through the years. Check it out


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