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Why Kid Athlete Meal Plans Will Maximize Your Child’s Potential

I remember growing up as a kid athlete and struggling to find solid nutrition advice. I was never the fastest, strongest or most skilled, but my work rate and determination to out train and out learn my competition was my ace in the hole. I knew at a young age the importance of food and how it could help give me the competitive edge. The difficulty was I couldn’t find real solutions. The answers people gave me were centered on weight gainers, energy boosters or “miracle supplements.”

That never made sense to me. Why wasn’t anyone talking about Food?? Food is your body’s fuel and once understood, that knowledge optimizes your performance and provides an instant edge over your competition. Science proves this and also that eating right balances your body to maximize fat burning, muscle building, recovery, mental alertness, energy, plus so much more.

Fortunately back in 1999 in Venice Beach, CA, I did find the answers and since then, I’ve had had the cool opportunity to see the power of food with myself as a 44 year old athlete playing like I’m still 20, and the thousands of professional, Olympic, collegiate, amateur and recreational athletes I’ve personally coached through the years, as well as our fellow Venice Nutrition Coaches.

What I’ve realized as a parent for the past 12 years is that we must now take the food knowledge and mission beyond adult athletes, and educate our kids. That is why I’m excited to share the launch of our new:

“How to Feed Your Kid Athlete” Coaching Series.

Since Hunter (our 12 year old son) started playing sports, every year hundreds of fellow parents with kids ranging from 8-18 would ask for nutrition advice.

Every parent really wanted to know two main things:

  1. How should they feed their athlete to optimize performance?
  2. How can they help their athlete understand food after their done playing top-level sports?
  • I know most kids dream of playing professional, which is Awesome!! But we must also remember there is life after sports and when you’re not training hours a day to burn off thousands of calories, a lack of a food education is a recipe for big weight and body fat gains. Knowing your food, especially as a kid athlete, will prevent any health backslide regardless of your activity level.

So I took those two questions and created a robust coaching series designed to give your kid athlete the education and information they need to forever own their food. And the great thing is this education is fantastic for you and the family too. The entire food program is centered on balancing blood sugar levels and PFC Every 3. So whether your athlete’s goal is to gain or lose weight or burn fat or build muscle, or all of the above, this program is their solution.

The robust Digital Coaching Series for How to Feed Your Kid Athlete is Now Available through the Venice Nutrition Store.

Does Your Kid Play Sports?

Do you want them to get the competitive edge and fuel like Olympic champions?

If your answer is YES, then watch this video from Go-To CNN Health Expert, Sports Nutritionist & NY Times Best Selling Nutrition Author, Mark Macdonald and see how he feeds his kid athlete and thousands of the top level athletes he’s personally coached through the years.


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Here’s What You Get

Your Athlete’s Easy to Follow Nutrition Tools to Win with their Food





  • Customized Meal Plans for on & off season, plus full pre, post and during competition/training meals
  • 9 Coaching Videos by Mark Macdonald, leading your athlete every step of the way
    1. Welcome! It’s Time to Warm Up
    2. Exposing the Athlete Nutrition Myths
    3. Setting Your Food Performance Goals
    4. PFC Every 3 (your nutritional foundation)
    5. Your Athlete Meal Plan
    6. Your Pre, Post and During Competition Eating Game Plan
    7. Creating Your Athlete MRFK (Mobile Readiness Food Kit)
    8. Filling Your Nutrition Gaps – The importance of Protein Shakes, Protein Bars, Grab-n-Go Foods & Supplements
    9. Keep Raising Your Game
  • How to Feed Your Kid Athlete Meal Plan – E-Book

    An info packed E-book full of pictures, illustrations and is written a kid and teenager friendly way, no science class here! Here are a just a few things you’ll learn and get in the e-book:

    • Your 3 Nutrition Guidelines and how to Eat PFC Every 3
    • A Complete Athlete Meal Plan, Exchange System and Portions
    • Exactly how to Fuel Pre, Post and During Competition so you can be your best
    • The best Grab-n-Go Foods, Shakes, Bars and a complete 411 on supplementation so you’ll never be misled from false supplement hype
  • A food education for a lifetime, in sports and after sports
  • Full access to online support team


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Do You have a High Performance Athlete?

You’ll work with a Certified Sport Specific Venice Nutrition Coach or possibly Mark Macdonald. (Mark works with 5 top level athletes per month, his coaching availability depends on his schedule).

  • 60 Minute Assessment: I’ll find out all about your athlete and show you what needs to be easily adjusted.
  • 60 Minute Customized Program Presentation: Week 1 – Based on the assessment info, we create a fully customized meal plan for your athlete that is year round.
  • 45 Minute Coaching Follow Up: Week 2 – We’ll look at the progress, answer questions and continue fine tuning your athlete’s nutrition program.
  • 45 Minute Coaching Follow Up: Week 4 – This session is all about making sure your athlete has all the tools to rock their food forever. We’ll dive into questions and additional fine tuning to ensure your athlete can master their nutrition forever.
  • Additional Online Tools & Coaching You’ll receive
    • Unlimited access to NEW “How to Feed Your Kid Athlete” Digital Coaching Series
    • 90 days access to the Venice Nutrition Customized Meal Building Software
    • Hundreds of grab n go recipes
    • Unlimited 4 week support


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There you have it, it’s time our kid athletes start eating like the Champions they are!


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