It Only Takes a Moment


It was a cold brisk Friday morning and I was hosting a 5K event when I first met 1st Grade School Teacher Jody Stevens. It’s hard to believe the Jody I know now is the same Jody I met that morning.

Jody was a chronic dieter struggling to manage her weight. She was emotionally eating, had low self-esteem and felt completely uncomfortable in her own skin. But what I love about life is that change is only a moment away. One moment can ignite action and give you back control of your health and body.

Jody experienced her moment shortly after that 5K. She was putting on her shoes and the unthinkable occurred. Jody couldn’t tie her shoes because of her excess pounds. That humbling event inspired Jody to start focusing on her health again. But this time was different; she wasn’t going to starve herself and diet. Jody was ready to make it a way of life. Jody adopted a 1% mindset and made small health improvements each day. She ditched calorie and carb restriction and focused on “eating in 3’s” and keeping her blood sugar balanced. And most importantly she made her stand with thousands of others in the “8 Week Run”. She successfully moved on to the next phase and “Thrived”, surrounded by fellow supporters through the “8 Week Run”.

With that determination, education and support, Jody was unstoppable. Seven short months later, 92 lbs lighter, 55 inches lost, lower blood pressure, normal cholesterol and no longer considered “pre-diabetic”, Jody transformed inside and out and with it an entirely new outlook on life.

Watch, Hear and Feel Jody’s Passion and see how this amazing Teacher has become the pride of her school and a powerful example for her students and her fellow teachers.


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