How to evolve your health as your life evolves


Last weekend we went camping and I had a moment that inspired me to write this blog. It was Saturday afternoon and our whole posse was rocking the campsite. Picture this, our two standard poodles, Spark and Snowball, were barking like champs at other dogs, Hope was trying to eat rocks (like 1 year olds love to do) and Hunter was being a typical 11-year-old boy, loud, running around and of course causing chaos ☺

I stood there, took a breath, looked at Abbi and we laughed. In a nutshell that is our life and we love it more than words can express. But with that being said, as our life has evolved with dogs, kids, work, we have also had to evolve our health as each new life chapter unfolds.

In all my years coaching clients I can honestly say that this is the biggest obstacle people face. Even when they truly understand eating in 3s and how to diversify their exercise, the greatest challenge is letting go of what use to be and accepting your new reality. A perfect example is the story I just shared. Gone are the days when Abbi and I could just go workout and not have to plan and communicate with each other. Now are the days we need to coordinate who has the kids, who’s driving to soccer practice, going grocery shopping, making the meals, cleaning the house, doing laundry and of course don’t forget working! My point is this, it’s super easy to put your health on the back burner as your life evolves due to a lack of time. I get it, I know it’s hard, but it’s also why so many adults are struggling with their weight, energy, stress levels, sleep and overall quality of life.

My message today can help you get started in a winning health direction and deliver a new perspective, and many times that’s all it takes to ignite change. Here are my 3 top strategies to immediately help you evolve your health as your life continually evolves.

Strategy 1 – Let go of “what use to be”

It’s not easy to face, but what you used to be your exercise and food system just isn’t possible to maintain as your life evolves and expands. I remember right before Hunter was born, I was playing tennis 5 days a week and felt great. I even told Abbi having a baby in our lives wouldn’t change anything; I’ll still get all my tennis in. Then Hunter was born and I didn’t touch a tennis court for a year…. there just wasn’t the 2 hour blocks of exercise left in my day with a new baby. But instead of trying to find time that wasn’t available anymore, I just got smarter and planned my workouts according to my new reality. Going for hikes with the stroller, hitting a quick weight workout at home, and stocking the house with easy grab n go proteins, fats and carbs when making a deluxe dinner just wasn’t possible. I had to let go of “what use to be” and I suggest you do the same.

Strategy 2 – Accept your new reality

Once you let go of the past, it becomes much easier to accept your new reality. The example I shared above shows the adjustments I made. And that was just when Hunter was born 12 years ago. Since then, there have been multiple times Abbi and I had to continue letting go of things as our life kept evolving and accepting new realities. We would always just huddle up; evaluate what things are still working and what isn’t working and fine tune. For example, adding Hope to our life meant we were reliving life with a baby and what use to work exercise wise for us as a family, wasn’t going to work this go around. So we got a baby back pack to hike together, a stroller we could pull with a bike so we can ride together and we started camping so we can spend quality time together as family with a baby.

These were all new adjustments to evolve to our new reality.

That’s the best advice I can give you, keep staying in tune with your current reality and as your life evolves, adjust accordingly.

Strategy 3 – Create NEW food & fitness strategies

This strategy pretty much speaks for itself and I gave some solid examples in strategy 1 & 2 above. But to help even more, here are some additional blogs and videos that will really keep your food & fitness dialed in regardless of how busy your life gets. These videos will show you how to grocery shop, create your MRFK, eat in restaurants, steel exercise at work, workout as a family, plus so much more!

For food strategies click here.


For exercise strategies click here.


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