How Should I Monitor My Results?


Unlike typical diet programs, my plan realizes the importance of improving your body from the inside out.

If you have tried countless diets in the past only to lose and regain the weight while struggling with cravings and lack of energy, then this statement will mean a lot to you:

All too often diets focus only on the weight loss and lead to a temporary result. I teach you how to actually change the way your body works and how to achieve balance for permanent success.


By stabilizing your blood sugar and creating balance, your metabolism will increase and your body will become more efficient at burning fat.

Best of all, you’ll feel good! Your energy levels will increase while cravings disappear.

I have designed a checklist for myclients to monitor their progress (you’ll notice that weight loss is not number one on the list!). Rest assured, the weight loss will come and in order for it to be a permanent result, you must focus on improving your body on the inside first.

My members learn how to monitor their progress by this simple 7 step system:

weight loss results checklist

We are all unique individuals and the rate at which you reach each point on the checklist varies depending on age, gender, past dieting history and most importantly, your compliance. We encourage you to work your program one day at a time and progress at your own pace; after all that is how to make a permanent shift in your lifestyle!


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