How Is Mark Macdonald’s Nutrition Plan Different From The Rest?


There are a million diet plans and diet gurus out there giving half baked advice about how to lose weight, but the stats show that AMERICA IS FATTER THAN EVER!

Has Mark Macdonald Found the Secret To Weight Loss?

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My plan teaches you how to achieve permanent results by implementing a nutrition and fitness system centered on your lifestyle, your goals, and the powerful science of blood sugar stabilization. You will be educated on how your body works and then learn the tools on how to make your body work for you!

While other programs create a cycle where you lose weight and then gain it back time and again, Mark will teach you how to keep it off permanently, all while feeling great and enjoying the foods you love.

MarkMacdonald.TV offers you so much more than just a meal plan. Your nutrition is very important and it is only one part of a healthy lifestyle.  You can sign up to receive a Customized Body Confidence Plan created according to your goals, your lifestyle and your food preferences.

Your personal Body Confidence Plan includes customized meal plans based on the foods you like to eat, the most efficient fat blasting cardiovascular exercise routines, and even the important “extras” that have a huge impact on your results including water, sleep and supplement recommendations!

You will have access to Mark’s delicious recipe database, the national forum to share motivation and tips for success with fellow members, e-newsletters with cutting edge info from the top nutrition and fitness experts in the industry, and so much more. Your membership also includes 24 hour support with our team of Certified Venice Nutrition Coaches.

I don’t believe in “dieting”.  My team provides you with a science based program to fit into your lifestyle, and the education, tools and support that you need to succeed!


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