Hope, Motivation and Belief for your tough days


Your health journey will have its high points and low points. I know this all too well going from an athlete in incredible shape to gaining sixty pounds within six months when I stopped competing. Then I was sucked into the hype of low calorie and carbohydrate dieting, taking my body fat down to four percent, living as a fitness model, looking great, and feeling horrible. I eventually found a better way to eat, using food to create blood sugar balance by eating in 3s and reprograming my body into a fat burning and muscle building machine. My next life evolution was getting married to my amazing wife, Abbi and together building our company Venice Nutrition, both of us learning the delicate balance of work, marriage and our health. Eleven years ago, I became a father, and was thrown into total food and fitness chaos until I realized I needed to get smarter with my food and fitness and adapt to my new lifestyle as a dad. Now we have a new baby which brings us additional chaos and more importantly the joy multiple kids bring.

My point is that we each have an unique life journey and your health is part of that journey every step of the way. Each week I share tips, strategies and education with you to help you continually evolve your health with your life, so you can truly be your best. But part of your health journey is finding the doses of Hope, Motivation and Belief for those tough days and challenging moments of life that we all have. These are the stories and inspirational messages that empower you to push through and once again see the possibility of achieving your goals.

That’s my goal with this blog, to share with you some of my favorite quotes and transformation videos and provide a place you can always find online when it’s time to turn a low health point back into a high point.

Here are four of my favorite motivating health quotes I’ve shared through the years and a link to all of my quotes if you’re looking for an even greater dose of inspiration:

Perfection is a Myth
Our Goals are Living and Breathing Pieces of Us
Be the Health Example
Your Why is Your Anchor
See All Quotes

Transformation Stories

As I shared, we all have a story, and seeing, hearing and feeling the pain, challenges and ultimate victories others have endured help us gain belief and hope again. Here are two of my favorite transformation stories from our HLN series – Transformation Tuesdays.

See the heart felt and powerful story of how a mom and daughter broke free from Yo-Yo dieting forever:

Mom & Daughter Break Free from Yo-Yo Dieting Forever

Feel the passion from Jason Gee, who made a choice to draw his line in the sand and lost 90 pounds in 7 months:


These videos are just two of our many inspiring transformational stories, to see more and continue fueling your motivation check out this page:

See more Inspirational Videos

Now the next time a down day comes or your spirits are a bit low with your health, you have two awesome resources to dive into and get your health mojo rocking again!

Thanks for choosing to lead by example with your health and always remember the transformation starts with you!

Massive Hugs,


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