Exclusive Business Coaching with Mark Macdonald

These Business Coaching Courses are designed to meet you where you are with your business and provide you a seamless step-by-step system to expand your outreach and powerfully spread your message. Each course is structured identically.

Overview of Business Coaching Courses:

  • Length: 8 Weeks
  • Coaching Sessions: Four 60 minute sessions, once every two weeks
  • Support: support via text and email between sessions. Each session has a specific action plan and assignments to work on between sessions. Each session progresses and builds off the previous session.
  • CECs: 2.0, full amount for renewal of the Nutrition Coach Certification
  • Coach: Exclusive One-On-One Coaching with Mark Macdonald
  • Investment: $2000.00
Please choose the course that best fits your need.

The 5 unique courses are:

  1. Becoming the Top Health Pro in Your Community
  2. Building Your Online Presence & Generating Your List
  3. Speaking with Passion, Meaning & Purpose + The 5 steps to Launching Workplace Wellness Programs
  4. Creating Digital Offerings, Delivering on Camera and Writing Impactful Blogs & Books
  5. Mastering Media – Creating, Pitching and Powerfully Delivering on Media to Expand your Business and Brand
Becoming the Top Health Pro in Your Community


This course is for Health Pros wanting to maximize and grow their business and become their community’s featured expert. Here are the focus points for each session:

  • Session 1 – Defining your perfect customer, vision and mission. Learning the steps to create your action plan, set financial goals, and develop a consistent schedule
  • Session 2 – Creating your community funnel by knowing your location, understanding your funnel (traffic, assessment, offer, enrollment) and building your 5 community marketing strategies
  • Session 3 – 3 Steps to expanding your community outreach to media, schools, athletic organizations, health related businesses, local companies and social clubs. These 3 steps will teach you how to connect with any potential partnership that matches your goals.
  • Session 4 – Setting short and long term goals, consistently evaluating your action plan, expanding into national outreach and maintaining proper balance as your business exponentially grows

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Building Your Online Presence, Generating Your List and Actively Engaging Your List

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The world is growing more connected by the day and the concept of having a national and global coaching business is now a reality. The first step to expanding your reach (beyond your community) is building a strong online presence focused on spreading your message to your perfect customers. This online outreach will create multiple new marketing streams, leading to building a powerful list. A powerful list combined with active engagement by sharing cutting edge strategies, videos and blogs evolves your list from subscribers into buyers of your offerings. This course will lead you through each step of becoming an online force, but more importantly turn your online presence into solid revenue streams.

  • Session 1
    1. Learning the 4 most important words in your online marketing funnel – Traffic, Opt-In, Offer, Close.
    2. Understanding the importance and need of a web page, a free offer, and email platform.
    3. Gaining clarity of the purpose of your web page, free offer and email strategy
    4. Creating a simple and effective free offer for your Opt-In
  • Session 2 – Choosing your 5 initial list building marketing strategies based on your messaging and goals. Launching your marketing strategies with a clear time table and schedule
  • Session 3 – Following the 4 rules of engagement when sending relevant articles, blogs and videos consistently to your list. Creating 5 content emails following the 4 rules of engagement.
  • Session 4 – Evolving your list from subscribers into buyers and selling a NEW offer to your list utilizing the tools you learned during this coaching course.

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Speaking with Passion, Meaning & Purpose + The 5 steps to Launching Workplace Wellness Programs

Become the Leader You are Destined to Be

Our words can be powerful tools when optimally utilized. As a health professional the ability for you to speak with passion and purpose is a key element for exponential growth of your business. Other speaker courses may teach you the mechanics of speaking, but we all know, mechanics isn’t what energizes and provides hope to others. The emotion, authenticity and power behind your words are the difference maker. If you goal is to speak to groups, work with companies, shoot videos, utilize social media platforms like Periscope and be the featured health expert on local and national media, this course is for you.

  • Session 1 – Facing your communication obstacles and understanding the 4 main types of communication. Getting clear on the type of speaker you want to be and the main message(s) you want to share with audiences.
  • Session 2 – Creating your 20, 30, 45 minute keynote centered on the Why, How and What of your message and adding personal stories to connect your message. Deciding when to use a PowerPoint, a flip chart or nothing at all.
  • Session 3 – Utilizing your body language, expressions and voice rhythm to enhance your message. Immediately connecting with your audience and making them part of the entire speaking experience.
  • Session 4 – Learning the 5 strategies to maximize your delivery on video and TV to get the outcome you want.

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Creating Digital Offerings, Delivering on Camera, Writing Impactful Blogs & Books, and Learning How to Become an Ambassador/Spokesperson for Other Brands & Products



We each have a message to share with the world and we want to do it in our style, words and passion. But we also know there are only 24 hours in the day and only so much of us to go around. This is why duplicating yourself through digital offerings, videos, blogs, podcasts and books are so important for your message to be heard. You can have it all. You can help millions of people and still have the balanced life we all want, but it starts with taking your uniqueness, capturing it and then sharing it. And as your brand grows, your new outreach will open the door for additional partnerships engaging and paying you to become a brand ambassador/spokesperson.

  • Session 1 – Facing your communication obstacles and understanding the 4 main types of communication. Getting clear on the type of message(s) and style you want to share with audiences.
  • Session 2
    1. Understating the steps in creating digital offerings. Then create at least 3 digital offerings based on your message and perfect customer(s) that immediately will prevent you from repeating yourself.
    2. The 5 keys to delivering on camera
    3. One mini-book (less than 20 pages), a 4 part video series and a 4-part podcast series. Select a price for each offering and sell to your audience.
  • Session 3 – Learning the steps to quickly write meaningful blogs and articles and the importance of staying consistent with your content creation. Gaining clarity on the purpose of a book, the process of writing & marketing a book and deciding your best course of action regarding a book:
    1. Work with a publisher
    2. Self Publish
    3. Work with a publish and profit system
    4. Sell an e-book on your website
  • Session 4 – The keys to positioning and properly leveraging yourself to partner with other organizations and launch a partnership as a paid brand ambassador/spokesperson.

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Mastering Media – Creating, Pitching and Powerfully Delivering on Media to Expand your Business and Brand


Mark with Lynn Smith on HLN

Sanjay Gupta Interviews Mark

This course is for health pros wanting to exponentially expand their business and brand by learning the important steps to partnering with media. Media has the ability to take your message to the next level throughout your community and nationally. Whether it’s through print, radio or tv, media is your friend and ALL media needs your content to provide greater value for their audience. This course will teach you the exact steps to master your relationship with the media and make it one of your greatest business marketing tools.

  • Session 1Creating: To create winning pitches you must first understand media. Once you understand how every newspaper, magazine, online publication, radio or tv show works you’ll be able to see how your content can bring immediate value for their audience. This session is all about teaching you the steps in creating the most powerful content so it’s relevant, hot and cutting edge.
  • Session 2Pitching: Having great content is the first step, pitching it is how you get your message heard. Producers, writers and editors are just like you and me, they want cool content for their audience which will drive more traffic to their platform. This session will walk you through the process of exactly how to Pitch your content so it gets heard.
  • Session 3Delivering: Creating and pitching are definitely the most difficult and time consuming part of this process. But delivering is by far the most important. With every media partnership, you’re first segment, article, or interview is your most important. They need to believe your words and see that you bring strong value to their audience. This session will guide you on how to ensure you are set to win and deliver every time media calls.
  • Session 4Profiting: Many hours go into creating, pitching and delivering media without actual compensation. Media looks at you having access to their platform and audience is compensation, so you need to take that platform and learn how to monetize it. Whether it’s increasing your clients, driving traffic to your website or selling a digital offering or book, figuring out how to turn your media hours into profit is very important in maximizing your time. This session will teach you the art of profiting from media, as well as, how to leverage one media segment to immediately book another segment.

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