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Your first step is to watch the video below and then explore our two global nutrition certifications and choose the path that’s best for you and your business.

My company, Venice Nutrition and its Medical Board, the IBNFC (International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching) have created two powerful nutrition certifications and an entire business platform to ensure you have the tools and training to win!

We all know nutrition is at least 80% of a client’s success, but adding nutrition to your business is not the simplest thing.

This is why we have centered all our offerings on 3 things:

  1. Education – your journey starts with taking your nutrition skill set to the next level. An education that is based on the rock-solid physiology of the body, centered on blood sugar balance.
  2. Customized Plans and Tools – Once you enhance your education, you need a duplicable plan to share with your clients and the tools to maximize your time and growth.
  3. Coaching and Support – there are systems and strategies already in place to assist in exponentially building your nutrition business, this is where step by step coaching leads you, as well as a global community of coaches to share ideas and grow with.
Next level here you come…

Health Coach


We designed this certification for anyone from an eager health enthusiast to a super busy health professional.

The art of this certification how it takes the complexity of the body and delivers the information in an extremely simple and tangible way. Your knowledge will exponentially grow, but your education will be only one piece of this certification. You will also learn the exact process of taking your newfound knowledge and applying it to creating, promoting, launching and leading 8-Week Experiences throughout your business and community.

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Nutrition Coach

Venice Nutrition - Sample Certification

If you’re serious about building a nutrition consulting business and truly diving into the science of the body, then this is the certification for you.

We designed this certification and training to empower you with the knowledge to understand the deep physiology of the main systems of the body, create customized meal plans based on the needs of your clients, master your one on once coaching sessions and successfully run a nutrition consulting practice.

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