Happy Holidays from Venice Nutrition


Happy Holidays!

Abbi and I, and the entire Venice Nutrition Team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! Hunter and Hope get the best of both worlds during the holiday season, a Christmas Tree and a Menorah!

We started this amazing journey with the creation of Venice Nutrition back in 1999 with one simple mission:

End the concept of dieting and educate the world about balancing blood sugar levels by eating PFC every 3.

The journey has been greater than anything we could have ever imagined and it has only been possible because of you and our entire community.

Every day I wake up inspired. I see the future in Hunter and baby Hope, a 12-year-old and a 2-year-old who will never be victims to the vicious dieting hype that I saw my mom battle with for so many years.

Together we are turning the tide, we are making progress and we are showing millions of people what is possible with their health.

So as we wrap up 2016, our entire team at Venice Nutrition wants to say THANK YOU for choosing to make your health a priority and leading by example.

Your actions are the catalyst for true change. Many people say they know what to do with their health but never do it, because change is never ignited by what you know, it’s inspired by what you feel and then what you decide.

Thank you for motivating others to decide that this is their moment to choose themselves as a priority and draw their line in the sand.

Have a wonderful time these next couple weeks, and get ready, because come 2017 we take our message to the next level!

Lots of Love and Massive Hugs,

Mark, Abbi, Hunter, Hope & the Entire Venice Nutrition Team


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