Lose The Bloat – 3 Easy Steps to Detox


2017 is here and if you’re like me you’re probably carrying some extra holiday bloat. My mom’s pumpkin pie always gets the best of me! This blog is part two of my two part Detox blog series.

Well no worries, you can easily and safely drop all that excess bloat in the next 7 days, as well as give your body a much needed oil change. The concept of detoxing is all around us and most detoxes do provide quick results, but the problem is after detoxing you end up going right back to what you were doing, never truly evolving your plan into a way of life. Detoxes that starve you by fasting or load you up on juice will always end up failing the moment they’re over.

Imagine detoxing while eating consistently throughout the day, losing all the bloat and then immediately shifting your body into a fat burning machine. That is the type of detox we can all get behind and is exactly why I’m writing this blog and why I created my 8 week program. Every plan you take on must be with your eye’s wide open, so to let’s dive in with your 3 must knows when detoxing.

Here’s the first one:

1) The Importance of Detoxing


In a nutshell, detoxes are designed to deliver maximum results and explode you out of the gate. You see, most of us are living at an inflated weight, a weight that is made up of at least five to ten pounds of additional bloat (water retention). Think back to a time when you ate better, drank more water, and engaged in some exercise . . . most likely you dropped a few pounds really quickly. That quick weight loss is part of the excess bloat your body holds from living a busy and hectic life. Lack of sleep, daily stress, processed foods, and not drinking enough water are all contributors to holding that extra bloat.

Detoxes and cleanses are so popular because of the inflated weight most of us have. The challenge with most detoxes and cleanses is that they’re designed as a diet and short-term fix to a long-term problem. Losing your inflated weight isn’t your challenge; I’m assuming you’ve lost that first ten pounds many times in your dieting history. Most people have. The real challenge is how to detox and cleanse effectively while evolving into a plan you can actually make a way of life. Without that evolution, all the weight you lose will just come back a month or two after the detox.

2) The Benefits of Detoxing

Water turbulence

Detoxing is truly all about cleaning out your system. Imagine getting an oil change for your car but only adding new oil and still using your old, dirty, and used-up oil filter. As fresh and high quality as that new oil is, it will still be processed through that old filter. This means your car’s engine is still getting a lot of grime and grit from the old filter and losing the benefit of the new oil so it won’t run as well as it could be running. This concept parallels perfectly with your body. Eating cleaner without detoxing is just like getting an oil change without changing your filter. It only solves part of the problem, so to maximize the cleaner foods you’re eating, you also need to clean up your body’s filters by removing all the gunk, which will get your metabolism running like a well-oiled machine!

As you detox, you’ll also be losing excess bloat. Bloating slows down the speed of your metabolism, inflates your weight, and makes your clothes feel a size too small. The average weight loss during the Detox phase (week 1) is 7-10 lbs and is based on 3 simple steps – Cut, Clean, Flush.

3) Your 3 Easy-To-Follow Steps of Detoxing

You just cut the foods that bloat you, add clean foods and supplements to cleanse, and flush the toxins with good old H2O (water).

Here’s are the 3 steps to get you started:


CUT the foods and drinks that cause bloating.

Below is a list of foods and drinks that cause water retention:

  • Gluten (found in most bread products)
  • Soy
  • Cheese & Yogurt
  • Refined Sugar
  • Sugar Sweeteners (besides stevia)
  • Salt
  • Grains
  • Soda Pop (diet & regular)
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeinated Coffee & Tea


Add the CLEAN foods & supplements to cleanse your body.


see full details in 8 Week Plan for suggested meal portions + foods

  • Breakfast Protein + Carb + Fat (Ex.: Egg Whites + Berries + Almonds)
  • Midmorning Protein Shake (see full details in 8 Week Plan)
  • Lunch Protein + Carb + Fat (Ex.: Chicken Breast + Green Beans + Avocado)
  • Midafternoon Protein Shake (with Cleansing Supplement see full details in 8 Week Plan)
  • Dinner Protein + Carb + Fat (Ex.: Grilled Halibut + Asparagus + Olive Oil + Medium Bowl of Spinach or Lettuce)


FLUSH the toxins from your system with H2O.

Water Recommendations


2-4 Liters / Day

8-16 Glasses (8 oz.)


3-5 Liters / Day

12-20 Glasses (8 oz.)

Drink water with each meal and between each meal.

Ready to optimally Detox, keep your inflated weight off and turn your body into a fat burning machine?

If so, that’s what our 8 week run plan and digital coaching series is all about, as well as Chapter 3 in my best selling book, Why Kids Make You Fat and How To Get Your Body Back.

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You now have the Detox info and plan to clean out your system and set your body up to win. It’s time your inflated weight became a thing of the past and your bloat disappears forever. After your Detox week you’ll be primed and ready for your Ignite phase. Click here to dive into your ignite phase and melt your belly >


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