Getting Your Spouse on Plan


One question I get all the time is “How do I help my husband to get healthier?” Well, we all know men can be a bit stubborn and set in their ways. Just a little of course…

Today is the day you’ll learn the secret on how to cut through male stubbornness and get the man in your life to take action with his health!

Meet Kelly and Mark Timmerman, an amazing couple that like most, struggled to make their health a priority together. Kelly was the health catalyst and Mark was the resister. Mark despised the idea of dieting (who can blame him?) and wanted to have his beer, wings and pizza. Kelly avoided pushing and simply led by example. She showed Mark how rocking your health can actually be a fun experience and not the painful one he imagined. Kelly proved that eating clean and being active is not about starving yourself, hating your exercise or avoiding the foods you love, but actually about finding balance and evolving your health plan into your way of life.

Together, Mark and Kelly made their health happen and lost a total of 77 lbs and 41 inches! The cool thing is, Mark still eats his favorite foods in moderation. Mark also shared that he recently has been getting some looks from girls at the grocery store; always a great confidence booster!

Watch the segment to see Mark and Kelly’s incredible transformation and learn how couples can Get Their Body Back Together:


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