From Dad Bod to Rad Bod


Last week a dad came up to me at an event and asked for help. He shared how his health has gotten away from him and he needed to be better. He went on and explained how he has evolved into a “watcher” and is living life on the sidelines. He sees his wife and kids enjoy life, stay active and eat healthy, but not him. It was at that point in our conversation when his eyes teared up, the emotions ran deep and he said “I cant be the dad and husband I use to be and it’s slowly killing me”.

Moments like these are why my life’s passion is to help people get their body back and most important gain their life back. The cool thing is I could immediately help that fellow dad and my first step was sharing Jason Gee’s inspiring story.

Back in November, Jason Gee was 303 lbs, unhappy with his health and knew the quality of his life was rapidly declining. He then made a choice no more, it was time to draw his line in the sand…

Fast forward 7 months later, 90 pounds lighter and 8 pant sizes smaller, Jason has become a walking motivation to us all. See Jason’s incredible transformation featured on HLN’s The Daily a Share and hear why he took action, how he did it with the our 8 Week Run and what he gained back in his life:

Are you ready to take action with your health? I know you’re a unique individual with your own goals, lifestyle and history. I get that. That’s why Venice Nutrition is one program with two paths. Both paths are based upon stabilizing your blood sugar for permanent results, designed to work for all women, men, and kids.

Choose the path that works best for you:

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Always remember the Transformation Starts With You!


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