Focus On Progress Over Perfection


Focus and Perfection are two powerful words. As parents we tend to lose focus on ourselves and then compound the problem by striving for perfection in bursts.

The reality is perfection is a myth and staying focused daily on your health is the key to balance.
This is exactly what Tracy Regan learned through her experiences as an athlete, wife and mom. As she entered each new phase in her life she slowly lost more focus on her health. That frustration triggered her need to “be perfect” and begin chasing the body, energy and focus she use to have and wanted back.

As the years built up, Tracy continued to put herself last on the list and found herself 60 lbs heavier than she ever imagined. It was at that moment
Tracy decided to let go of her “perfection mindset”, dialed in her focus and transformed her body by losing those 60 lbs and 15% body fat. See Tracy’s incredible Transformation as we celebrate another inspiring #TransformationTuesday!


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