Find Your Turning Point



As a fitness model in my early twenties, I lived in constant fear of gaining back the 60 pounds I had lost. That fear controlled me until I cracked, and the pressure of “being perfect” attacked my mind and drove me into a deep depression.

My turning point was inspired by my wife Abbi and her theme of Progress over Perfection. That theme, along with Abbi’s unwavering love and support is what finally pulled me out of that dark hole and taught me to let go of my attachment to Perfection and start cherishing every little victory steady progress brings.

As you take on 2015, make this the year you truly own your health and as Nelson Mandella said, let your hopes guide your choices, not your fears.


Leyla Nava is also a powerful example of Progress over Perfection. Leyla is a former chronic dieter who was tormented with the constant weight loss followed by weight gain caused by calorie and carb restriction. Her body was unhealthy inside and out and she hit a point where she basically gave up and thought her poor health was just something she needed to accept.

Leyla’s turning point was inspired by her two sons. They saw the writing on the wall and wanted their mom to not just live a longer life, but a higher quality one. Leyla got motivated and began believing in herself again and realized her success will be won in the daily trenches of life and that each health victory built momentum towards achieving her goals. Over the past 7 months Leyla has become an inspiration to us all, down 54 lbs, 45 inches and 5 pant sizes, plus completely off blood pressure meds! Living proof that it’s never too late to make your health happen. See, Hear and Feel Leyla’s incredible story.


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