Find Your Inner Rock Star


Growing up I saw my mom constantly struggle with her weight, always trying to starve off the pounds, followed by the crushing dieting reality of regaining every pound plus some. This yo-yo cycle steadily chipped away at her confidence, self esteem and her belief that she could get her body back & finally be comfortable in her own skin. In essence, my mom lost hope in what she could be and started thinking that she was destined to forever struggle with weight and body challenges.

One moment that still sticks with me happened when I was 12: my mom and I were sitting at the kitchen counter and her eyes were full of tears. She looked at me and said, “Mark, all I want is for you, and your sisters not to be fat like me. It’s a pain that never goes away.”

That memory stirs up deep emotions in me and is a big reason for the path I now walk. No one should should have to suffer so much from their weight challenges. My mom was willing to do the work, she desperately wanted to find solutions, but everywhere she looked she was surrounded by fad diets, magic fat burners and non stop hype that didn´t work for her.

Fast forward 30 years later and those tearful moments at the kitchen counter no longer need to exist because now we know what really works. Jennifer Fleischer is proof of that. Jenn is an incredible mom, wife and health professional. A few years back Jennifer was walking a path similar to my mom, held hostage in a body she wanted to unzip and in her words “unleash her hidden Rock Star”. Jennifer’s turning point was ignited at her most frustrating moment, weighing her heaviest at 222 lbs. Unlike my mom, Jennifer had the available answers she needed and she became the change that inspired others to change as well. Jenn dropped 80 lbs of excess baggage, and in doing so inspired her family and thousands in her PA community to Get Their Bodies Back & Find Their “Inner Rock Star”!

Watch this week´s “get it back in gear” video segment for a super dose of motivation and hear Jenn´s incredible story.

P.S. – And just in case you’re wondering… my mom did finally break through and find peace with her body. Her actions are now inspiring others to make their health happen. Check her out on the treadmill, 72 years old and tearing it up!



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