Eating in 3s for Kids – New Blog & Video Series


I’ve been a dad for 12 years now and I can honestly say the greatest gift Abbi and I will ever give Hunter and Hope is teaching them that food is their fuel and friend. In my twenty plus years as a nutrition expert, I’ve seen a lot of pain and frustration associated with food and body image for adults, teenagers and kids. I grew up watching my mom struggle with her body confidence and try diet after diet. Seeing that and not really understanding nutrition myself triggered my own struggles with food, weight and my athletic performance.

Unlike when I grew up, we finally live in a day and age when the data is at our fingertips; the science is proven; yet there is so much uncertainty about how we should eat. As a parent I know the sacrifices we make for our kids and the commitment we have to help them achieve their dreams. I also know that one of our biggest fears is to let our kids down. There is a daily hunger I see from parents searching for the answers on how to best feed their kids and help them optimize their food. I literally get asked multiple times each day and our thousands of Venice Nutrition Coaches get asked as well. So to once and for all end this uncertainty on how to feed our kids, I’m leading a 5 Part Nutrition Series on setting your kids and yourself up to win with your food forever. For the next 4 Tuesdays, starting this Tuesday, May 10th, I’ll be sending you an email, sharing a Blog Post via the site, and doing a Live Facebook Video at 2PM EST on the each weeks topic.

Here are the dates and topics for the series:

Part 1 – Tuesday, May 10thHow to Feed Your Kids and Customize Their Meal Plan

Part 2 – Tuesday, May 17thSafe & Important Supplements for Kids

Part 3 – Tuesday, May 24thFueling Your Kid Athlete

Part 4 – Tuesday, May 31thWinning Your Daily Food Frenzy as a Family

I’m incredibly excited about this new series. Each week you’ll learn real, simple and attainable strategies to help your kids master their food and, most importantly, empower them with this education for the rest of their lives so they can share it with their kids. This is truly how we finally end this crazy world of nutrition misinformation, “miracle supplements” and fad diets, all which only makes us less healthy than before.

To help you dial in now, please make sure to take on these things before Tuesday:

1) Read my blog on Eating in 3s so you understand why everyone needs to balance their blood sugar levels, not just diabetics

Eat in Threes

2) Subscribe to my Facebook Live page so you are automatically notified when each Live Video is starting


3) Download and Read my free e-book – 7 Strategies to Unlock Your Body’s Full Potential – this info is great for You and Your Kids

And to bring a smile to your face, here’s one of the many ways we are educating Hunter and Hope about food, we rock grocery-shopping adventures together!


‘Til Tuesday and Sending You Massive Hugs,



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