Don’t let an injury slow your body down


We’ve all been there: Food is clean, you’re consistent with your workouts and the pounds are melting off. Then, all of a sudden, your progress is derailed by an injury. Maybe it’s a pulled muscle or a back spasm, or possibly a sprained knee or stiff shoulder.

The fastest way to halt your workout results is by getting hurt. Injuries kill your momentum and sabotage all consistency.

The good news is, with a little extra effort you can be proactive and stop most injuries from ever happening.

One of the most-asked questions I get is, why do most injuries happen?

We all know how crucial exercise is for our health, but it also takes a toll on your body. Think of walking up a hill: it activates all your leg muscles and core muscles (abs and lower back). It strengthens those muscles, but it also causes them to become tighter the next day. Tight muscles cause imbalances in your body and expose weaknesses which lead to minor injuries (like a kink in your neck) and possibly major injuries (like a herniated disk)

Watch Mike and I hit the park and show you three simple, daily strategies that strengthen your core, increase your flexibility and keep your spine aligned. It’s time injuries become a thing of your past, and your results and body get stronger by the day!


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