Don’t Be Fooled By Your Scale!


Whether it’s the 4th of July, Labor Day or a weekend getaway, the reality is life is full of “mini moments” of extra food fun and eating festivities. These moments are a natural part of life and when kept in moderation they truly do little harm. The truth is we all fall off plan and your overall health success is determined by how quickly you get back on plan. Amber Smith had an experience just like this. She wrote…

“Thank you for the motivation Mike and Mark! I did get off track this 4th of July weekend and have gotten discouraged. I have been on this weight loss journey for 2 years and it’s is all about being imperfect! I really just needed to hear what you guys talked about.”

This is exactly why Mike and I shared the 3 keys to shaking off those “mini moments” and how to get right back on plan. Plus when you see and hear Mike’s powerful story of his 30 lb weight loss transformation from “beefy” Mike to “super lean” Mike you’ll get instant motivation by finding out what is possible when you make your health happen!


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