Do you eat out? Simple steps to save 200 calories per meal


There’s more available health information, a greater overall awareness and an increased desire to live a better quality of life. With all of that progress you would think our societies health would be improving….unfortunately that’s not the case, a recent study by the CDC show’s that Obesity levels increased in 6 states and decreased in zero! The fact is our overall health as a society continues to regress. The big question is why?

Watch Me and Mike dive into problems and share some solutions. The reality is there’s a difference between knowing what to do, and actually believing that it’s possible to do it. We each live busy lives and making your health work is just not that easy. Imagine over the next year starting 1% at a time and chipping away each week at your health obstacles. Your body, your energy, your overall health would look quite different 52 weeks from now. That’s exactly the goal of these weekly segments, and the focus this week is becoming more aware when eating out. Eating out packs on at least 200 extra calories per meal with extra butter, oils, and excess carbs. The solution is easy, simply eat out like you’re at home. Be present to asking for the dressing on the side, the dish to be made without oil and butter, and avoid the temptation for the bread and chips that come with a meal.

Picture a smiling “food police officer” on your shoulder guiding you each step, that fun spirited visual will keep you connected to your conscious and help make your food decisions sharp and on plan.

It’s possible to achieve your health goals, you just need to stay focused one week at a time and continue to build upon the foundation and momentum created from the previous week, 1% at a time!


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