Ditching the ‘fat-free’ and ‘non-fat’ craze


Quick-fix diets, miracle supplements and “life-changing” cleanses are perfect examples of how marketers attempt to bamboozle us every day. Now you can add the infamous “fat-free” craze to the marketing deception. For decades, people have been told to avoid fat, thinking little to no fat intake was a good thing. But brand new research backs up what many of us have known for years: fat is your friend. The truth is, you must EAT fat to BURN fat!

That’s why “fat-free” foods are actually unhealthy for you. But remember, not all fats are created equal. Here, I break down which fats are better for you and how much you need.

As my buddy and host of Mike Galanos says, it’s time we cut the horns off the devil known as fat!


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