Detoxing & 1% Mindset – Powerfully Starting 2017


I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! This is the year we all Get Lean in 2017!

As we take on the new year, I think it’s important to remember that millions of people, just like us, start each new year with the hope that this is the year they’ll finally achieve their nutrition and fitness goals.

That motivation, energy and excitement is always the first step to action.

The challenge is that motivation can only take you so far, which is exactly why by February, most of the new year health goals that were set, have already fizzled out.

But not this year… To help you truly win this year, I’ll be sharing new strategies and videos with you each week to keep you educated, inspired and constantly moving forward with your health!

So to kick off 2017, here’s the HLN segment I did this week on the MICHAELA show.

Michaela and I talked about how to lose holiday bloat, why everyone should detox, and the best way to create a winning health mindset in 2017.

Here’s the video:

And if you’re ready to Lose Your Holiday Bloat, check out this blog on the 3 Simple Steps to Detoxing – Cut, Clean and Flush:

Find Out How to Detox

And for more information about exactly why you should cut the top 10 bloating foods, check out this blog:

Find Out What Foods Bloat You

Make 2017 your year!

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