Counter the Thanksgiving calories with a 10 minute burn


It’s almost Turkey day and that means it’s cooking, eating, traveling and shopping time for many of us. Our time is limited and squeezing in a workout during the holiday is not easy. But when you add up all of the extra sugar and fat calories consumed, exercise is exactly what your body wants and needs!

Whether your home or traveling for Thanksgiving, here’s a quick, intense and mega calorie burning 10 minute workout that can be done anywhere. Now, if you want to turbo charge this workout take it on in the morning (after you have a balanced mini meal). This will set you up to win in 3 ways:

1) Morning exercise ignites your metabolism and helps your body become a fat burning machine for the entire day.

2) Getting your workout in early provides an awesome feeling of accomplishment and eliminates the repetitive question of “when am I going to workout today?”

3) Activating your muscles and increasing blood flow helps release endorphins, your “feel good” hormones, which boost your mood.

So this Thanksgiving Holiday, carve out 10 minutes each morning and get your sweat on. You’ll feel great, have more energy and of course eat “guilt free”!


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