Carbs Are Your Friend


I have some breaking news for you…. Carbohydrates are your friend!

Now, I know the word on the street may be that carbs are the enemy to your metabolism.

I will never understand how that nonsense got started, but it’s 100% false, and that’s exactly why I’m here to shout to the world that you must eat carbs if you want to achieve your health goals.

Just think about it, how can grilled asparagus, fresh blueberries, crisp roasted red potatoes, a warm bowl of oatmeal or a dish of zesty brown rice and quinoa not be good for your body??

The truth is this: Carbohydrates Are Your Body’s Main Source of Fuel

All carbohydrates (with the exception of fiber) are broken down through your digestion into glucose. Glucose is the fuel for your central nervous system (CNS). Your CNS is your command center, and along with your brain it manages every breath, heartbeat, movement, and thought you have. So think of carbohydrates as your “brain fuel.”

“Brain Fuel” Can Be Classified into Two Categories, Simple and Complex.

Simple carbohydrates are named as such because your digestive system can quickly metabolize them into glucose for use as energy. Think of a time when you ate a piece of fruit or drank some juice and then within minutes felt a rush of energy. This energy rush was caused by your body quickly metabolizing the fruit or juice into glucose, making it readily available.

Complex carbohydrates are called “complex” because they take longer to break down (metabolize) into glucose. There are two types of complex carbohydrates: starches and fiber. Starches are your heavier, denser carbohydrates, like quinoa, rice, potatoes, and beans. Fiber is the non-digestible portion of the carbohydrate and cannot be used for energy.

Both simple and complex carbohydrates are important in helping stabilize your blood sugar.

Simple carbohydrates get broken down faster than complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are packed with more calories than simple ones.

If you eat only simple carbohydrates, you may be hungry all the time and constantly find yourself with low blood sugar. If you eat only complex carbohydrates, you will end up eating too many per meal and feel full and bloated.

Here’s a great image showing some of the most popular carbs:

Carbohydrate Examples

Now, once you know carbs are your friend, the next big question is how many carbs should you eat throughout the day?

It’s super important to remember every meal needs to be PFC balanced, which is eating a balance of protein, fats and carbs every 3 hours. This keeps your blood sugar balanced and your metabolism rocking! If you want to read more about PFC Every 3, check out this article I wrote >

As you eat carbs, the question isn’t when to eat carbs, it’s more about how much to eat per meal. Here are two visuals that will set you up to win, first a list of the cleanest carbs to optimize your results and second the recommended portion sizes for females and males.

Ignite Phase Carbs - Foods List
Ignite Phase Carbs - Portion Sizes

Here’s an example of what a meal looks like by balancing your plate with your carb portions:

PFC Every 3

Now you know the facts about Carbs, so the next time someone attempts to hype you on why they aren’t good for you, you can give them back a dose of the Truth!! Knowledge and education is how we finally put an end to food restriction, dieting hype and nutrition fads.

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