Building Your Health Confidence


I have a question for you today, how high is your health confidence? Confidence isn’t something we can hold or see, it’s a feeling that we possess. Confidence empowers us and lets us know that regardless of the immediate moment, good or bad, we got this.

As a young goalkeeper I struggled with confidence, when I would play a great game, my confidence grew and made me feel invincible in the goal, but one bad game would immediately erase my previous success and the confidence in my ability would waver. That lack of belief was caused by a weak foundation. My foundation strengthened and confidence increased when I started going to goalkeeper camps, learning proper technique and understanding the game, I realized that bad games are part of being a competitive athlete, but your foundation is the core that you build from. Your foundation is your center and the place you always return too when things aren’t working so they can start optimally working again.

The lessons I learned as an athlete helped me as I began to dive into my health. You see, your health also needs a rock solid foundation and without it your confidence will have major ups and downs. This is the challenge with dieting. Dieting causes moments when you look your best, followed by epic crashes where all your progress is lost and you’re left scratching your head wondering what happened. Living your best health isn’t about taking a miracle supplement, having surgery or starting the next fad diet. Living your best health is building a healthy foundation that when you implement, you know it will deliver the results you want and be a daily lifestyle for you and your family. A health foundation that when you fall off plan, have tough days and lack motivation brings you back to your center, gets you back on plan and living your best health.

In all my years working with clients and living through my own experiences I’ve seen there are 3 main parts when building a solid health foundation, which are:


Part 1 – Knowing Your Why – your purpose behind your goals

Part 2 – Developing Your Body Confidence Plan – mastering the 6 components to your health – Sleep, Food, Exercise, Supplements, Water and Stress

Part 3 – Balancing Your Quadrant – making your health a priority and equally as important as the other main parts to your life

To help you fine tune your health foundation, here’s this weeks Facebook Live Video where I dive deeper into building your health foundation and confidence:


As you take your health confidence to the next level I want to leave your with a quote my great friend Joanne Lee shared with me –

“Once you know what to do, you can choose to not do it, but you can never deny knowing it”

That quote perfectly sums up the power of knowledge. Get educated, build your health foundation and stay confident.

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