Baby, Book, & Tour – The magical moments of life


Sitting on my desk I have a picture of me and Hunter playing soccer at a castle in Germany and the frame say’s this:

“Life’s Moments… Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away.”


Everyday I look at that picture and think of the incredible moments of life, as well as the challenging moments. I remember the painful moments of watching Abbi suffer through two miscarriages, compared to the moment of euphoria we now feel with baby Hope, only two weeks away from officially entering the world. I think of the frustrating moments seeing people suffer daily with their weight, body image and health, willing to do the work, like my mom was, but are being misled by the dieting world. I remember the moment of joy I felt two years ago when I started writing this book, knowing in my heart it was the solution we needed to end the dieting madness.


We know life will always have it’s up and downs but the meaningful moments, the real moments, are the ones that matter. The moments that are inspired by your challenges, fueled by your desire and created out of significance. We all have those moments, and those are the ones that truly take your breath away.

As we sit 4 days from the launch of our new book I wanted to Thank You for being an incredible part of our community, for leading by example and choosing to make a significant difference in the world. Our community is what has helped me and Abbi get through the challenging moments of life. Our community has been the force behind helping so many get their body back and live the quality of health they deserve. Being part of our community is a moment that will always take my breath away.

I’m excited that over the next 6 months I’ll be able to give so many of you a massive hug and thank you in person. Starting Monday April 27th, we’re embarking on a 50 City book tour throughout the US and Canada to help end the dieting madness, along with national and local media to support the cause. We kick off the tour with a fun-filled, information packed and gift giving Online Event on Monday the 27th and then officially launch the book in Atlanta on Tuesday the 28th, followed by three events in Southern California, Wednesday the 29th – Friday May 1st. And no worries if you don’t see your city listed yet, the tour webpage is being updated with new cities each week and the tour goes all the way through October, so get ready for your hug! Click here to register for Monday’s Online Book Launch > and to check out the full tour >

Experience the Tour and Celebrate the Launch of the New Book by Mark Macdonald

Always remember, the Transformation Starts with You!


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